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How to Report a Scammer to the Police and Get Him/Her Arrested

How to Report a Scammer to the Police and Get the Scammer Arrested

Scammers are intelligent human beings that should be grounded at any cost; their activities have been over the years, very dreadful. This post is basically about how to Report a Scammer to the Police and make sure they are arrested.

If you should decide to assess your neighborhood on what bothers them most, you’d find out that scammers’ understanding is one of the causative agents of unrest suffered by them.

The more reason this is so is that a lot of victimized persons do not know the simplest scammer-haunting deeds like how to report a scammer to the police or to even file a police report against these infiltrative acts and the individual in question.

Today, people get scammed through less expected and surprising ways such as electronic mails received daily, phone calls phishing, and lots more. In the case of phone calls phishing, victimized individuals fail to report phishing phone numbers which could be used to track down the perpetrators with severe and deserving punishments dealt on them.

Before starting to read, here are some tips to get your money back from a scammer.


a scammer online

A scammer scamming people online


Conventional Scam Techniques Used by Scammers

There are so many ways like I stated earlier used by scammers to hurt unsuspecting citizens. Here are some ideas.

  • They Hack or clone your friend’s social media account, which is used to retrieve specific details from you.
  • It can also be fake job advertisements with a massive salary and bonuses.
  • Cloning of mega websites later used to obtain various security details from victims.
  • Well-dressed men approaching you with fake investments claims.
  • The sending out of job invitations with a said company not in existence.
  • Email scams with the sender claiming to be rich but in need of your currency to fly into your country and spend life with you (a friend lost bucks to this; they are scammers and not real!)
  • Using some Yahoo formats to collect money from You.


How I Was Scammed

The day I first fell, a victim felt like that was the end, although it was never gon’ be the end. There were lots of ways for me to explore and regain my money back, but ignorance made me rigid despite being scammed.

Sometime in 2016, a well-dressed man approached me at an ATM gallery and asked that I transfer some bucks to an account for him with the details he provided. He was going to pay me in cash after the transaction, but the operation failed, and as a result, he left. My happiness dashed because my time in the queue was going to be cut short. Moments after his departure, I was debited several times. “God!” I screamed, “how did he do that?”

Being my first time experiencing such, I was so dumbfounded. Instead of looking out for measures to deal with the situation, I kept believing that it was just an error that will be corrected later. But when I got home, it dawned on me that something was wrong. Immediately, I messaged my bank via their official Twitter handle, and they replied a few minutes later. I complained to them and was asked to file a police report.


My Mistakes:

  • I was convinced that the fellow was legit due to his appearance
  • My failure to be conscious of the fact that I could be dealing with a scammer
  • The worst was that I hesitated to visit my bank immediately; thinking that it was just an error


What to Learn:

  • Be careful when dealing with strangers especially when it concerns your bank account
  • The scammer equips himself with certain technologies that make the scam work so easily
  • If he meant the transaction, he would have asked another fellow on the queue to carry out the operation for him
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How to Report a Scammer to the Police

Unlike most individuals, I no longer play around with scam activities. I immediately do the necessary things like making online reports and taking a few minute walks into the nearest police department to file a police report. I even report phishing phone numbers and also find time to educate people, especially the older ones on how to report a scammer to the police.

Before you read further on how to report a scammer to the police, I’d advise that you follow up the report to ensure justice. Not following up the case may spare the scammer just enough time to go scot-free, this is because the police department may be drowned in various scam-related cases while the scammer you are a victim of, scampers away from town.

Now, here is how to report a scammer to the police without delay.


  1. Compile and File a Police Report

Compiling a police report is the first thing on the list to carry out. After my bank assessed my story and informed me of what to do, I quickly arranged all details of the transactions sent to me by the bank, including the beneficiary’s account name and the account number. I printed every one of the features to be taken to the police department and made them look presentable enough to convince the police department of the urgency that the situation requires.


how to report a scammer to the police step 1

A man making a police report


Note that this process applies to any form of scam that you may be a victim of. Even if you were phished, probably through a phone call, it will take this same process to report phishing phone numbers to the police department.






  1. Locate a Police Department

You may want to file a police report at the nearest police department; the reason being that it will better make it easier for you to walk in and out of the police department.

In a situation where one is not excellently aware of the environment, i.e., not being knowledgeable of the nearest police department, putting technology into consideration would do. One of the most exciting things offered by technology today is the ease of access to ideas. This, therefore, implies that locating the nearest police department is nothing to worry about a few taps on your phone screen will lead you there. You can realize this by making use of the preinstalled Google Maps App on your mobile device or simply assessing the web version of Google Maps using any web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser, etc.


  1. Look Out for the Appropriate Complaints Building

When you are in the police station, you may be stranded depending on the structure of the police station you are in. Follow up the signs or ask any of the police officers around for proper guidance towards the right building.

Note that in most police departments, there are areas limited only to the police officers, you may want to look out to avoid running into a mess which will only delay your time to file a police report.


  1. Make Your Report

Once in the appropriate building, meet with a police officer and describe your situation to him or her.

You will, in most cases, be given a form to fill. Be sure that the provided form filled by you corresponds with the scamming incident. Do not exaggerate or speculate on the event of the scam.

What I did in my situation was to get straight to the point. The officer questioned me on the grounds of retrieving more information on the case. I told him everything the same way it happened.

After you file a police report, you should be given a copy of the story.

In my case, as you read above, I proceeded to my bank with the police report for the scammer to be clamped down with it.


  1. Follow Up

On how to report a scammer to the police, a follow up after you file a police report to any police department is necessary. It does not matter the type of technique the scammer uses on you. Even if it’s a less pressured scam like phishing, you have to report phishing phone numbers used on you or any other contact means the phisher uses and then follow it up until the scammer is tracked down.

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Tracking down the scammer may be sparing some other innocent fellow a trauma somewhere. Who knows? No one knows; it will be helpful to track and take them down before they take others down.

Other reasons why a follow-up is necessary;

  • The police department may be overwhelmed in other duties
  • It’ll go a long way to serve as a warning that the fight against scammers in blistering
  • A fair number of youths will be discouraged from the act
  • Following up the case to the point of educating the public on how to report a scammer to the police will help create awareness


An Event Where I helped the Cops to Catch a Scammer

Before this educational article entertains its lucky readers on how to avoid being scammed, I’d like to narrate an event when a wily scammer tried to play a fast one on me. Although to his unluckiness, he was dealing with a scammer-fisher who learned and mastered the art from experiences.


a scammer caught after a police report

A scammer caught after a report


That day, I got a deceptive chat up from a scammer, after moments of making it look as though I have fallen for his delusory description, I hung upon him. I hadn’t a ‘Truecaller’ App on my phone, so I immediately installed one, but I wasn’t satisfied with the result. Another idea came up, and I copied the scammer’s phone number to Facebook’s search engine. Fortunately, the scammer’s Facebook profile was registered with the phone number.

At this point, all I needed to do was file a police report and in a manner that is more like to report phishing phone numbers rapidly. The report, which I, of course, followed up yielded a positive result and the tracking agents trained by the police department I filed the report to, caught up with the unsuspecting scammer. Not only was he arrested, but a lot were also retrieved from him and the owners who could be reached out to, got their scammed items restored.






How to Avoid Being Scammed

To avoid the burdensome processes of having to file a police report and the report of phishing phone numbers to police departments, you may want to learn a few tricks on how to avoid being scammed.

Again, avoiding being scammed aids in expelling the stress of having to think of how to report a scammer to the police not to think of the tight ways to file a police report.


Be cautious of Your Social Media Details

What most persons don’t understand is that the least thing like your phone number on any social media platform could be used to attack you. Also, always show some careful forethought on certain things before taking them to social media.


Report Phishing Phone Numbers

A lot of persons get phished daily. To reduce these occurrences, report phishing phone numbers to police departments or any agency in charge. Be sure to follow up.


Never Credit Any Online User

Unless it’s a donation, never send money to anyone you’ve never met with. This should spare you the stress of having to file a police report or thinking of how to report a scammer to the police.

Already, it is insane to send money to someone you’ve never met with before — no matter the fluency in the language spoken; whether Chinese or English.

Other ways of dodging being a scam victim;

  • Be mindful of online transactions you make.
  • Never download any file or visit the link sent to you by a suspicious mail address.
  • Do not apply for jobs that require money to register. Better still, make personal findings on such posts before application.
  • Always be conscious of your environment.

So that’s it; if you feel you’ve been scammed with proof, quickly take the matter to the nearest police department near you. They will help get your money back from the scammer.

Till the next post, Bye.

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