How to Sell Clothes on Depop Faster

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Last Updated on January 20, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

How to Sell Clothes on Depop 2021

You have clothes in the wardrobe to deal out; indeed, Depop is the platform you can quickly make money selling clothes. Successful Depop sellers barely disclose how to sell clothes on Depop fast. Well, it is self-explanatory that nobody loves to reveal the secrets behind their success.

To successfully sell clothes on Depop quickly, you must create an enticing Depop profile, a catchy description, and must harness a commendable reputation. Depop is home to over 15 million users with more than 200 workers. For every sale, Depop pockets only a 10% commission rate. Also, although you control your deals with buyers, Depop provides rooms to ensure the utmost safety of transactions.

So, it makes sense to consider Depop as the platform for selling your clothes. Meanwhile, there are factors to consider before you are able to sell clothes on Depop quickly. If you are new to Depop, then you should consider reading how to sell on Depop. 

How to Sell Clothes on Depop Fast

Participate in the Community

After signing up on Depop, do not immediately dash into showing off vintage/classic and new wears for sale. You have to defeat the challenge that Depop is yet to recognize your presence and work towards improving your relevance.

Concerning how to successfully sell clothes on Depop, community participation attracts a considerable boost in your brand presence. How do you do participate in increasing your relevance? You would want to slide into DMs, comment, and react to listings from other Depop users.

depop community

Depop’s community on Facebook

Regarding how to sell my clothes on Depop, I simply slide into the DMs of top-selling users to inquire from them. They will not share the entire secrets but would disclose a couple of things to get started. Moreover, I am always very mindful not to spam or become some jerk on Depop.

Create Frequently Asked Questions

“Creating FAQs can boost clothe sales on Depop by at least 7%”. Are you in awe? My beginner days as a seller on Depop was not mainly for the sake of making profits. I set aside a period to learn new things and I am still learning because of Depop changes by the day.

It is crystal-clear that beginners disregard the importance of creating FAQs. To them, it means nothing but permits me to burst your bubbles. When buyers arrive at your page, they find it time-consuming to ask questions with regards to your policies. You might also not be active at the time to provide answers which means missing out on possible sales.

View FAQs as a policy page so that when buyers arrive, it will answer most of their questions. Below are sample FAQs to answer with regards to how to sell clothes on Depop fast.

  • Do you ship internationally?
  • What should I expect?
  • How long before my order arrives? Etc.

Develop more questions like these and provide answers that suit your Depop clothing store.

Narrow Down the Clothing Niche

If you are interested in making a brand out of your Depop clothing store, I recommend narrowing down your niche. With this practice, users will identify and understand your store 10x better. I am in no way discouraging you from combining several clothing styles, but for a start, it is not advisable. Besides, I am aware of sellers that mix wears of males, females, vintage, winter, summer, children, etc., and still rake six figures.

If you must perfect how to sell clothes quickly on Depop, identify at most two niches of focus. First, figure out the sort of clothes you easily understand or have in your wardrobe. As a female, for instance, you likely have a collection of old lovely female wears. Also, check into granny’s closet for a couple more vintage female clothes to deal out. You may further narrow down the female wears to children or adults in the meantime. Additionally, you can include sneakers and stockings in the store cart for extended sales.

Take Good Photos and Videos of the Clothes

It is no news that some sellers on Depop upload pictures/videos of clothes short of buyers’ expectations. Never make the mistake of downloading photos of clothes online. Already, it defaults users’ order intent, which is not healthy for the reputation of your clothing store on Depop. Thus, you would want to be sincere with lovely photos/videos as a principle on how to sell old clothes on Depop.

If you do not own a digital camera, make use of the rear camera of your smartphone. I understand that the front-facing camera of some mobile phones performs better, but the rear camera is preferable for better positioning.

Before you take the shots, make sure to pick out a beautiful background. For the sake of simplicity, I prefer a white background because it provides detail for the picture. Notwithstanding, if you have a colorful spot, then place and capture the clothes there.

Optimize Your Listings

After niching down your clothing store, optimization is the next precept to consider on how to sell your clothes on Depop. Pro sellers on Depop will never disclose the importance of optimizing Depop listings to prevent you from gaining better publicity. After all, selling on Depop balls down mostly to the relevance and promotion of your store.

In this section, our focus is on 2 forms of optimizing Depop listings, which include the following:

  • Tag/Hashtag
  • keyword

Each of these methods differs, and you require them to boost the presence of your clothes on Depop.


hashtag to sell clothes on Depop fast

Use hashtags to sell Faster on Depop

The hashtag is a popular feature supported on various platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. You can introduce this technique to Depop to boost sales. I prefer using hashtags to improve my brand instead—for example, #smartlazyhustler_wears. Nevertheless, you can utilize the feature in every listing to boost publication. Also, encourage other users to hashtag your brand for fame. Samples of hashtags to use #vintage_wears, #female_clothings, #clothes etc.


Keywords are different from hashtags as there is no use hash (#), and it is the significant words in the description. The description of your listing should contain keywords that relate to your items for easy tracking.

Other than the hashtag and keyword, I recommend offering free national shipping. If you can afford free international shipping once in a while, do so to boost sales. Although you are at the losing end, it is inarguable that you just optimized that listing. Moreover, competitors will find it challenging to outsell your listings.

Brand Your Clothing Package

First, get a personalized logo and slogan for your Depop store. I discover that nothing beats brands on Depop because buyers view branded Depop stores as serious sellers. Unless you are in for a short period, brand your clothing store on Depop to boss competitors.

To make a brand concerning how to sell your clothes on Depop, consider the following:

  • Use a custom logo and images to design your profile.
  • Watermark the photos/videos of your clothes.
  • Create a clothing pack for orders.
  • Send customized cards to buyers.

More ways to make a brand of your Depop store include designing seller labels for the clothes and sending marketing emails to customers. And do not spam customers’ emails or carry out transactions outside Depop.

Understand the Shipping Process

One of the reasons why I earlier lost customers was because of shipping. Thus, I advise that you take out time to understand the entire shipping process on Depop. Sometimes, shipping may take longer than necessary for some reason. And if you can’t accurately track the progress, it frustrates the buyer, who eventually ceases to order from you. Worse of all, such buyer(s) will leave bad reviews that disrupt your profile.

Meanwhile, Depop supports FedEx, UPS, and USPS for courier services. Whichever you would use, endeavor to track and possibly update customers on the delivery properly. Also, upon successful delivery, Depop will send you a confirmation email.

Note that sellers on Depop are responsible for shipping an order to buyers. You can attract more buyers by selecting free shipping. To set Depop to free shipping, simply set the pricing field for shipping at zero. For paid shipping, enter the estimated amount for buyers. You may refer to the Depop shipping guide for the US and the rest of the world for more information.

Enable PayPal as Payment Method

PayPal is integrated as Depop Instant Pay to control transactions. It is the safest payment method you require to transact safely on Depop. Never make transactions outside of Depop and PayPal unless you are willing to risk a loss.

If you do not have a PayPal connected to Depop, you can create one from your profile. Go to Profile> Settings> Preferences> PayPal and input your PayPal credentials. If you have no PayPal account, hit Sign Up Now to get started.

Still, on how to sell clothes faster on Depop, you are likely to face some payment challenges. Below are common problems and solutions.

Unclaimed Payment: Simply verify your PayPal account.

Payment Hasn’t Been Cleared: This means that the buyer made payments with a credit card, but PayPal is yet to clear the payments. According to Depop, you should not ship the clothes until payment is cleared.

Payment Placed on Hold: Payment is on hold because the buyer is yet to receive the clothes. Click here to learn more.

User Cancelled Payment: You have to submit a request and select I have sold something on Depop. The Depop team will immediately investigate and resolve the problem.

Farm for Excellent Reviews

It is prevalent for users not to leave a review after successful transactions. Thus, it is your responsibility to invite them to leave reviews. Regarding how to sell clothes on Depop fast, positive reviews will build your profile and make it attractive to other users.

  1. Never beg for reviews or disturb buyers to review your product and services. A simple inciting note asking how they feel about your services would be enough to spur the customers. If they are willing to review, they will do so; Otherwise, making more sales and reviews will arrive naturally.
  2. Don’t sell replicas – but if you want to give it a shot, then read this post on how to sell replica items

How to Attract Good Reviews on Depop

Of course, without excellent customer services, bad reviews will litter your Depop page. So, you would want to do the following to attract positive and enticing customer reviews on Depop.

  • The photos must contain what buyers order.
  • Sell with discounts.
  • Offer free national or domestic shipping.
  • Keep in touch and be family-friendly with Depop customers.

No matter how excellent your service turnout, always expect bad reviews from customers. Sometimes, it could be as a result of delays in shipping or shipping costs, which the seller would feel is all down to you. Never dispute bad reviews; instead, work on making amends to satisfy customers in the future.

Monitor the Time You Upload and Keep Your Feeds Clean

You would want to track the time you make uploads on Depop. I believe that the timing is different for several Depop users depending on the audience. For my audience, the best time I upload new items is between 17:00 and 20:00. I advise that you pick out several hours to make your listings and identify the hours with the best performance.

How do you tell when particular hours perform better? It is simple; such hours should convert the most number of users interested in your clothes. It should take between 2 and 4 weeks to decide on the best time to upload your listings on Depop.

Lastly, do not litter your store unnecessarily. Even Depop recommends that you maintain a tidy shop with consistent descriptions and photography styles.


Is Depop a Good Place to Sell Clothes?

Yes, Depop is an excellent place to sell clothes, and you can control every transaction you have with buyers. Security-wise, Depop supports PayPal as a payment option that protects you against fraudsters. Never transact away from Depop to prevent dealing with fraudsters that result in losses.

Is It Easy to Sell Clothes on Depop?

It is relatively easy to sell clothes on Depop. Depop is one of the unique platforms with a navigable and friendly user interface. You are always a few taps from selling your old or new clothes nationally and internationally.

How Do You Sell Clothes on Depop?

Simply download the Depop app, fill out your profile, click sell, upload elegant photos of your clothes, describe the listing, and publish. Make sure to optimize your listing with hashtags and a proper description. Furthermore, link your PayPal account to Depop to receive payments for the clothes you sell.

Is It Better to Sell Clothes on Depop or Poshmark?

Both are good options, but Depop lets you send direct messages to customers; thus, introducing them more to your store.

Is Depop or eBay Better to Sell Clothes?

The more reason why you should consider Depop is that Depop gets you noticed easily for selling clothes. eBay, on the other hand, is saturated with clothing sales, and you have slim chances of publicizing your clothes. Also, Depop lets you put your tracking number, hold funds until the buyer accepts delivery, and PayPal is there for added security.


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