How to Sell Fakes on eBay and Get Away With It in 2021

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Last Updated on January 21, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

Howdy, hustler? I will teach you how to sell fakes on eBay and get away with it. Of course, my lessons are guaranteed, and it exposes how I sell counterfeits on eBay without getting my account suspended.

how to sell fakes on eBay and get away with it

Although eBay claims you can’t sell fakes on its platform, you can sell fakes on eBay and get away with it.

What happens when you sell fake stuff on eBay is that the buyer will report to eBay, and the investigation will commence immediately.

You can get into trouble for selling fakes on eBay because it is illegal. When the buyer reports to eBay before you cash out, eBay might ask the buyer to destroy the item, and they will refund. And because eBay is liable for fakes on its platform, they will disable your account.
Selling fakes on eBay is fun though it’s illegal. You also stand to earn millions selling fake gold jewelry, cloned iPhones, fake clothing, and footwear from Nike, Adidas, Maserati, etc.

Let’s learn how to sell fakes on eBay and get away with it in the sections below.

Can I Sell Fakes on eBay and Get Away with It?

The simple answer is “yes,” you can fakes or replicas on eBay and get away with it. However, it would be best if you established some authority on eBay so that they will not take down your listings.

How to List Fake Items on eBay

It will interest you to know that 70% of top dogs on eBay sell counterfeits on eBay and get away with it. Regardless, eBay does not take down their listings or suspend their accounts. Some sellers on eBay even go as far as buying or making fake positive reviews on their products to attract buyers.

So, how do some eBay sellers succeed in selling replicas? What should you do to sell replicas on eBay and get away with it? Well, you will learn the tricks from me now.

How to Sell Fakes on eBay and Get Away with It

In this section, I will expose the steps towards selling replicas on eBay and not getting suspended on eBay.

I should be selling this guide in the form of a PDF, but I prefer to make my ideas visible to the general public.

Below are the tips, ways, and steps regarding how to sell fakes on eBay and get away with it:

Create a Fake Account

You need a fake eBay account regardless of whether you are an old seller or a new seller onboard. If you intend to use an already existing account, let it be that you will be okay losing the account.

how to sell replicas on eBay

One of the things that convince buyers to transact with you is how professional your eBay profile appears. Of course, beginning with your eBay username, everything must speak professionalism to attract trust from buyers.

If you intend to sell replicas of gold necklace, you need a username related to jewelry. Sellers run multiple stores within a single profile, but because you need to attract people to buy your fakes instantly, you want to focus on one market – jewelry. So, you can pick a username name DiamondNecklace, LaceSpark, Jewels49, etc.

Set Up Your Profile

The next step, regarding how to sell fakes on eBay and get away with it, is to structure your profile. You do not want an eBay profile that is complicated because it gives potential buyers the impression that you will sell them fakes or replicas.

So, the first thing you want to consider is your profile picture. Since the intention is to sell counterfeits on eBay, you do not need a real photo of yourself. I pick my fake photos from social platforms such as Facebook and stock photo sites such as,,, and I recommend because their photos carry less watermark.

Now, use a photo editor that features the CLONE tool and clean off the watermarks. If you’re a mobile user, I recommend PicsArt; PC users can settle with Photoshop or any photo editing software.

Get an EXIF data remover app such as Photo Flipper on the app store to delete the EXIF data.

Go ahead and set up other requirements, but be natural with the fake information you provide.

Do not make any listing after setting up your profile. Allow the profile to fully integrate into eBay servers for 24 hours before you return to make your listings.

Set Up Payment Method

If we have to sell fakes instantly, eBay algorithms will identify our fake activities and suspend the account. So, you want to add a payment method, and it has to be PayPal. eBay tends to trust PayPal quite alright, and we have to take advantage of the trust temporarily.

To enable PayPal as your payment method, go to My eBay, click the PayPal account link, and click Link My PayPal Account. It will navigate you to log in to your PayPal and set up your account to link with eBay.

You can verify your PayPal account from here to qualify you for Seller Protection, but we don’t need it for selling fakes on eBay. The reason for adding the PayPal account at this stage is to trick PayPal that you are legit, though you’ll be selling counterfeits on eBay.

Create Genuine Listings on eBay

Now, you want to add real listings for the replicas you intend to sell as fakes. Regarding how to sell replicas on eBay, you need a natural listing that will not be removed on eBay for now.

Of course, the problem that you’ll face is eBay taking down your listings, which I’ll show you a walk-around.

how to sell counterfeit items on eBay

A Geniune Sample Project on eBay

The walk-around is that you’ll start by listing genuine products that are low-cost. You can list a cheap necklace, for instance, at $3 and list them on eBay. eBay wouldn’t be suspicious; besides, the listings are not fakes.

Now, contact the buyers and stylishly ask for reviews. Well, since the item is worth the money they spent, they will give you positive reviews.

However, to hasten things, you can create buyer accounts and use them to order from your seller account. Leave 5-star ratings for yourself and watch more buyers flock in to offer your items.

List Special Offers

Every buyer on eBay is after freebies. Freebies are powerful enough to blind buyers that will eventually pay for items that are not worth the value of their money. The intriguing aspect is that when a buyer sees PayPal as your payment method, it convinces them to deal with you. Who does not want the best for a cheap cost?


Thanks to eBay for allowing features such as free shipping, and you can even include on your profile that buyers are free to beat prices for your already-cheap items. Let’s say you listed a necklace worth $6, a buyer seeing that he/she can bargain, would love to beat the price to $4. Earnestly, if the buyer can beat the price down and receive the necklace from you, of course, you’ll get nothing less than 5-star feedback.

I understand that you’ll suffer some losses, but do not expect the road to success to be without thorns. What do I mean? A few days from now, you’ll recoup every lost coin and make 100,000 times more than your losses.

Modify Your Payment Policies

It is time to unveil your true intention on eBay. Of course, the intention is to sell fakes and get away with it.

Remember, at the starting stage, your policies were attractive, and your policies included stuff such as PayPal as the payment method, free shipping within one to two weeks, etc. All of it will change now as you initiate the plans to sell counterfeits worth tens of dollars for several hundred dollars.

Now that the feedback/reviews are convincing, every potential buyer on your profile thinks you’re one of the hottest sellers on eBay. So, you will begin by including in your policies that you do not accept PayPal or credit cards as payment methods. The reason is that PayPal and credit payment methods can reverse transactions whenever buyers complain to eBay.

Can you sell fake items on eBay

In place of PayPal and credit card, you’ll use state that you accept checks or money orders mailed to your P.O Box. And in case you’re wondering whether eBay will allow checking, yes, they accept. Everything goes down to the buyer that decides whether to pay through check or use PayPal. But with that convincing rating on your profile, any buyer will accept checking.

Also, some sellers on eBay prefer Cash on Collection; so, you should mention in your policies that you do not accept Cash on Collection.

Sell through Private Auctions

Okay, you have modified your payment method, and buyers are aware that you prefer checking. It also cut off the problems of chargebacks because neither eBay nor the bank can initiate a refund.

Now, start auction sales and set it to private. When you set to private, the bidders’ handles will not be visible, and buyers that already bought your fakes on eBay will be unable to notify the bidders that you sell fakes. Typically, I run auctions on eBay for 3 days, though eBay allows up to 7 to 10 days. Within 3 days, new bidders would have come across your special offer and become participants. You may include that the winning bid will enjoy free shipping.

To enable auctions on eBay, navigate to your account Settings » Selling » Channels.

Click the channel you intend to use for advanced settings. Now, scroll down to Listing Type, click the drop-down menu, and select Auction. Click Save Settings, and you are ready to auction on eBay.

One of the proudest moments of every buyer is winning a bid on auctions. The winning bid for your fakes is already celebrating a cheap item ordered on eBay without knowing that it is a counterfeit. And losing bidders will hate they could not win and hope you’ll set up another auction.

At some point, I created auction sales on eBay, joined the bidding with another of my accounts, and made that account the winner. Of, other bidders felt bad for not winning such an offer. They awaited what the feedback will be, and I made a fake 5-star comment that made them hope they get another chance to participate in my auctions.

Don’t Depend on Photos

50% of buyers on eBay are smarter than you think. They already know that several categories on eBay are filled with counterfeits despite the glamorous photos.

I am not saying you should use any photo, but do not depend on the beauty of your pictures to sell fakes on eBay and get away with it. If beautiful photos matter, the algorithm of eBay would reconsider taking down the millions of listings that go missing on eBay.

As I keep emphasizing in this article, you should try to be natural while dealing on eBay. Assuming I want to sell a fake Gucci bag on eBay, I do not have to download charming photos of Gucci bags online. I’ll simply navigate the internet for photos of unpopular people wearing the Gucci bag I intend to sell on eBay as a replica.

Then, I will include just one image formatted as PNG, preferably with a transparent background.
It is enough to convince my buyers how to sell counterfeit items on eBay and get away with it.

Risk Delayed Shipping

Regarding how to sell fakes on eBay and get away with it, consider delaying shipping to buyers. I use this trick occasionally because it attracts a poor shipping performance, which reflects in the reviews you get from buyers.

The best time I delay shipping deliberately is when I’m selling an item worth several hundred dollars. The reason I delay shipping is to receive payment first so that the buyer can’t get a refund while I get away with selling the replica on eBay.

Use a Shipping Service without Tracking Information

It is mandatory on eBay to issue the tracking number to your buyer if you use a shipping service that uses a tracking number.

This development also ensures that a buyer can tell when you ship their items and when they will receive the item.
To prevent the buyer from having information about the fakes I’m shipping, I ship through agencies that offer no tracking information.

I’ll then explain to the buyer that I felt bad to find out that the company is unable to track items and that I will not use their services again.

When you eventually ship the replica, keep communications alive with the buyer to calm their annoyance.

Don’t Sell Fakes Always

If you plan to sell fakes on eBay for a long time, sell genuine items too.
Whenever you attract a negative review from selling counterfeits, the genuine sales will cover-up, it also secures the level of trust eBay holds for you.

How to List Fake Items on eBay

Now that you have a solid knowledge of selling replicas on eBay, you should follow my steps to list fake items.

A fake product on eBay

A Sample Fake Product on Ebay

You can list fake items on eBay, though it is illegal and against the copyright law. Below are the steps to list a fake item on eBay:

  • Download and edit the photos for the replicas you want to list on eBay.
  • Click Sell to open the Sell Your Item form.
  • Complete the form by selecting the category of the fake item.
  • Describe the counterfeit item and upload pictures of the item.
  • Add the price and make sure it is low-cost to attract buyers fast.
  • Select the duration of your listing, which eBay allows up to 10 days and about 7 days for auction.
  • Set your payment method as checking.
  • Select your shipping locations as international and state a shipping duration that will attract buyers.
  • Specify that you accept returns under your return policy (you will change it later when you have accumulated feedbacks that make your profile trusted).
  • Review your listing and click List Item for Sale.

Follow the simple steps above to list your fake items on eBay so that your listing will not be taken down.

Final Thought

In this article, I exposed how you can sell replicas on eBay and get away with it.

I sell fakes on eBay often, and my account is still well and running. Never mention that a particular item is counterfeit because counterfeits are against the policies of eBay.

Now, your biggest challenge is that eBay buyers will report you for selling replicas in the form of originals. But eBay somehow favors selling fakes because they have millions of people to serve. As such, people that report your account always end up with the automated help center.

You practically have enough time to get away with every fake you sell on eBay before the report reaches a human eBay representative.


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