How to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram

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Do you consider making some money on Instagram selling foot pics? Well, you’re in the right place! Guess what!? I recently sold my 600th feet pictures, so I am sharing how to sell feet pics on Instagram. My name is Marie Jones, and I will be guiding you through this process.

Is there money to be made selling feet pics on Instagram? Indeed, you can make a thousand dollars monthly selling your feet pic on Insta. My first experience wasn’t rosy, but I made my first $200 on Instagram from my feet photos. The funny part is that some of the feet pics weren’t mine (LOL).

Instagram is a platform of more than one billion active monthly users and one of the most popular social networks globally. When it comes to sharing pics and videos, almost no social platform rivals Instagram. Moreover, Instagram covers an international audience, including Americans, Indians, Africans, Europeans, etc.

Meanwhile, the only difficulty to expect is building your followers. Thanks to ad campaigns, you can boost followers by investing in Instagram ads.

Are Selling feet pictures safe?

Yes. Selling feet pictures on Instagram is safe. Instagram also uses a feature that prevents people from saving your feet’ pics to their devices, and you use a watermark on all feet pics to discourage theft. Since foot pics are not nudity, Instagram has no issues with them. So, you can upload as many feet pics and cash out on Instagram.

Requirements for Selling Feet Pics on Instagram

Do you think making your first $100 on Instagram is difficult? Sincerely, selling feet pics makes it super-easy! Below are the requirements to sell Instagram feet pics:

Instagram Account

A business Instagram account is ideal for selling foot pics. Most feet pics vendors on Instagram buy accounts with many followers to boost their fan base, but it is not advisable unless the purchased Insta account was initially used for foot pics sales.

Grow a personal fan base through ads, collaborations, engagements, and watch your profile followers grow with relevant followers.

Mobile Wallet or Bank Account

Your mode of payment may be mobile wallets such as Venmo, PayPal, Payoneer, etc. You can receive payments to your bank account directly too. Some users prefer paying in Cryptocurrency, so make a Crypto address for yourself.

Before selecting a payment method, make sure it is not prohibited in your country. For instance, Crypto trading is illegal in some countries, making it difficult to liquidate your currency.


I began selling my feet pics on Instagram with an iPhone 6. You do not need a personal computer to manage your Instagram account, upload feet pics and receive payments. Nevertheless, a personal computer can join the party.

Feet Pics

how to sell feet pics on Instagram

Instagram Feet Picture Seller

The next requirement is feet pics, the most important of all. You can have an Instagram account, but you can’t earn from it without stuff like your feet pics.

Using random feet pics online is bad for business. Moreover, you might end up with a copyrighted foot pic that gets you into trouble. I’ve uploaded a couple of feet pics that are not mine, though. Of course, I did lots of work on the pics before uploading them; it turns out those pics attracted the most money.


A good camera should cost a few bucks; otherwise, hire a camera operator to do the job. As a beginner, it’s not advisable unless you have enough money to spare.

Currently, I don’t take photos of my feet; I tour, find people with nice feet and buy at least 5 pics of their feet. I do take pictures of my feet, though, but guess what? I have a personal cameraman; thanks to selling feet pics on Instagram!

Social Accounts

Create additional social accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. You can also link your Instagram feet business account to OnlyFans to boost conversion.

I see Instagram users spam the web by sharing their Instagram links to attract followers, but it’s a bad practice. Please don’t do it.

Startup Capital

Like many businesses, Instagram requires startup capital to make the most money selling feet pics.

I opened my account in 2012, but Instagram introduced ads in 2013 to reach a wider audience. In 2014, I advertised on Instagram; thousands of followers within the first month, but I put in some cash to grow my feet selling brand.

The Instagram ad is cheaper, and you can reach a targeted audience if you know how to run ads.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram

How do you sell feet pics on Instagram? Will you make your first $100 in your first month? Yes, but first, let’s see how to sell feet pics on Instagram below:

Create an Account

You need an Instagram Business account to set up a professional profile and cash out. Intriguingly, opening an Instagram account is free, except that you’ll pay some money to run ads. However, running ads is not mandatory; you can always grow your account manually, but be careful sharing your account URL indiscriminately on Instagram to avoid being suspended.

Set Up Your Profile

Anyone can set up an Instagram Business profile, but you should be professional-minded about building an attractive profile for selling your feet pics.

Most users jumble their profile, which discourages relevant followers interested in feet pics. You can’t upload just anything that comes in handy if you must become a top feet pics seller on Instagram.

As a beginner, I made mistakes that included publishing non-feet-related images to diversify. You must focus on one niche. Maybe you can diversify in the future, but now isn’t the best time.

Make Excellent Shots

Instagram is designed for visual functions, and your feet pics serve the purpose of Instagram. The competition is high compared to OnlyFans, and the feet pics quality is important.

I use 4000 x 2000, 2000 x 500, etc., dimensions depending on the length and width of images.

Of course, I don’t forget to watermark the feet pics with my Instagram username. A couple of times, I’ve had buyers say they discovered my account via the watermark.

Advertise and Target

Ads are important if you must get the best from selling Instagram feet pics. Typically, I run ads daily since I’m all established. My ads expense was reduced because I have an enormous audience already, but I must keep advertising to reach a wider audience.

Beginners need the ads. Also, you can advertise on Facebook using your Instagram URL to boost followers.


Use Hashtags

Hashtags are necessary to optimize your feet pics publications. I use hashtags such #Instafeet, #Feetpics, #footpic, #beatifulfeetz etc.

When people search organically, my profile comes up, and I earn organic Instagram followers.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags currently. I typically use 10, but it does not guarantee ranking ln Instagram searches. Note that Instagram ranks based on the geography they spot your profile.

For example, if you created your account from the US, you’ll likely appear top 10 when US residents search “feet pics.” From the UK location, you might appear top 50 or thereabout.

Include It in Your Bio

I understand that social media users abuse their bios nowadays. However, you need to update your bio with feet pics. It increases your credibility and informs every visitor that you run feet pics business.

Update your bio on Twitter, Facebook, etc., with “Check out my feet pics @yourusername.”

Consistency is Key

Like I mentioned earlier, growing your Instagram account with relevant followers is the only challenging aspect of selling Instagram feet pics. Consistency works whether you are selling on Instagram or if you sell on Craigslist.

Schedule your publication times; it can be twice weekly or 10x monthly. Some persons publish daily, but it’s not the best way to go. A professional Instagram user should post at most thrice per week. The reality is that you are an Instagram celebrity, so you should not publish like the average Instagram user.

You can set out days for publishing text-only, thanking your followers, and promising even better concepts subsequently. Also, request feedback to know what your followers think and how you can serve them better.

Collaborate and Engage Your Profile

Connect with others that are not necessarily in your niche. You can collaborate with fashion designers, fret artists, pedicure artists, etc.

I do not fancy collaborations with competitors, except once in a while.

Comment on their feet contents, admire and react to them occasionally.

Focus on the Most Demanded Style

While selling your feet pics on Instagram, you will notice that a particular pic attached attracts the most money. Replicate that pic in subsequent shots and be innovative with eye-catchy feet pics.

In my case, a foot pic I took near a riverbank attracted the most audience and money. I repeated the shots, different angles, and styles, and the trend continued.

Reasons to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram

Do you doubt selling your feet pics for money on Instagram? The profit margin is lovely.

Below are some reasons why you should sell feet pics on Instagram:

People Need It

Foot fetish may mean nothing for you, but it does to many people out there. You will receive messages from people asking to get more of your feet pics and maybe land a long-term contract.

They might sponsor your tour to various places to have shots of your feet and sell them to them.

For Ads and Promotions

Companies understand that it is illegal to use people’s feet pics for ads without permission. If a company deals on a pedicure, etc., and your feet are nice, they will strike a contract with you. Of course, they reserve the right thereafter to use your feet pics for ads and promotions.

Easy Money

When I first discovered how to sell feet pics on Instagram, I purchased courses that discuss the tricks to succeed in the venture. The money wasn’t coming, and I almost gave up. I woke up to a DM requesting my charges for feet pics, and my success zoomed after that.

Selling pictures of my feet is one of my most effortless income streams. What do I do? Locate an enchanting scene, take the shots and publish it on my timeline.

It Is Legal

Yes. Selling feet pics is legal regardless of your country unless your country bans the use of Instagram.

How much money can you make selling pictures of your feet on Instagram?

You can make at least $100 selling pictures of your feet on Instagram. Beginners find it difficult to make $10, but with consistency and top-quality foot pics upload, you can make as much as $200. If you extend your images to other platforms, your earnings can double or triple up instantly.


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