How to Sell Feet Pics on OnlyFans [Guide]

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Your feet can make a great deal of profit on OnlyFans within a month! Oh yes, I have made more than $1,000 so far selling feet pics on OnlyFans, although I recently joined the platform. In this article, I will show you how to sell feet pics on OnlyFans and the tips to make at least $300 within a few months. My name is Kanri Elle, and I am also known as @kanricos on Twitter.

You can sell your feet pictures on OnlyFans for profit by setting up an account and targeting users who have a feet fetish. Most of these users are in the older generation and would gladly pay you just to see several camera angles of your feet or someone licking your feet.

Some users claim there is not enough money to make selling feet pics on OnlyFans because OnlyFans is not designed for feet pics like other platforms such as Etsy and Shutterstock. The reason, however, why OnlyFans is the ideal place to sell foot or feet pics is that the competition is low. If you know what you are doing, you can cash out at least $100 daily as a beginner selling your feet pic.

Nevertheless, it’s not as easy as it appears; other users on the platform also target more significant profits, but it is the best strategy that makes the most money. You won’t cash out the most money immediately until after trying out new strategies and discovering the best practices to sell your feet pics on OnlyFans.

Can you start an OnlyFans for feet?

Yes. You can start an OnlyFans account for feet. Make sure to upload your best foot pictures of beautiful scenery to attract more views. After you set up your OnlyFans account for feet, you can request monetization. When OnlyFans approve your account, set the fee to charge users, which is called subscription price.

Requirements to Sell Feet Pics on OnlyFans

How do I start an OnlyFans selling feet pics? First, prepare the following requirements:

A Smartphone

A smartphone to create and access your OnlyFans account. You can use a personal computer too for a better experience.

OnlyFans Account

You can decide to create an anonymous OnlyFans with a fake name, images, etc. But a real account is OK since it’s only pictures of your feet.


Get an excellent camera for beautiful shots. It does not have to be an expensive camera. So far, it captures your beautiful feet for fans. Note that some fans can jerk on your feet if it’s so beautifully made.

You can go live on OnlyFans with your webcam showing your feet to entice your fans. OnlyFans also gives options to collaborate with other creators, which can increase your followers.

Feet Pics

Your feet pics are the selling points. Be careful when uploading your feet’ pics and endeavor to publish natural-looking feet only.

No need to censor since OnlyFans does the censoring already for only subscribers to access your feet pics.

Twitter Account

Share your link on Twitter to generate a massive audience and new followers.

An Instagram Account

Instagram is also a great place to attract organic followers to your OnlyFans creator’s profile. If you don’t want people to know it is you, then you can create a fake instagram account

Mobile Wallet

Your mobile wallet is the method you will use to receive payments on OnlyFans. Some supported mobile wallets are Venmo, Cash App, and PayPal. You can also accept payments to your bank account directly.

Reddit Account

Like Twitter and Instagram, share the link to your OnlyFans account to garner followers. Use the Reddit section designed for intimate content to avoid having your Reddit account suspended.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Onlyfans

Sincerely, OnlyFans is not designed for selling feet pics; instead, it is designed for nude and semi-nude contents.

However, since OnlyFans spots a high amount of traffic (visitors/users), and it is free for creators (people that start their account to upload photos/images for money), expect to make cool cash.

Below are the steps to sell feet pics on OnlyFans:

Create an Onlyfan Account

The first step is to open a creator OnlyFans account. Of course, it is free for anyone.

Before you create the account, determine whether you want to remain anonymous or not. Some OnlyFans accounts are fake, just so the account holder can be anonymous. I have friends that share intimate media, although not theirs, on OnlyFans, and they cash out at least $100 daily. Surprised? People love when you get them gaga, so your feet pics only fetch a tip of the iceberg regarding the money you can make on

Take Excellent Shots

If you must outsell other creators selling their feet pics on OnlyFans, begin by taking excellent shots of your feet.

Don’t use fake feet, although some persons do it and still earn on Onlyfans. You can spice your feet through pedicures to lure the most followers.

Meanwhile, OnlyFans may satisfy their intimate desires by merely staring at your feet’ pics. Keep this in mind while taking the shots!

Upload Photos of Your Feet

how to sell feet pics on Onlyfans

A Cute Feet Picture


Select the bes5lt shots of your feet and upload them on your OnlyFans account.

It takes a couple of minutes, and boom, it reaches your followers. Depending on your personality, more users can subscribe to your OnlyFans channel, which means more money.

Apply for Monetization

To make money from OnlyFans, you must request monetization. After approval, set the subscription rate.

Keep the price low as a beginner to garner an influential audience first.

In the beginning, you keep the price as low as $10. But as the number of your subscribers’ increases, you can increase the price. Of course, people will subscribe to it.

Engage Your Account

Many ways to engage your account, including asking questions like:

• “What color should I get for a pedicure?”

• “Should I wear shoes?”

Schedule when you make uploads to avoid becoming confused about when and when not to publish new photos of your feet for money. Nevertheless, it must be regular to keep your channel alive and engaging. A less engaging feet pics profile loses followers and subscriptions eventually.

Hype Yourself

Be consistent with posting your feet images, but do not mess up your profile.

When you upload new images, caption them with “pretty feet,” “elegance,” “lick-able,” etc.

Again, you can set a time to publish new pics of your feet for the audience to know when to expect your sexy feet pics.

How much money can you make selling feet pics on OnlyFans?

Like any product or business, the money that you can expect to make selling feet pictures online will vary depending on the quality of your photos, the subscribers, your subscription fee, and the demand. You can earn anywhere from $5-500 per foot picture or more daily or monthly.

Is selling feet pictures legal?

Selling feet pics are completely legal globally, especially in the US, UK, Italy, Canada, Scotland, and Australia. Nonetheless, if your country’s religious practices prohibit sharing personal images or participating on a platform like OnlyFans, it is illegal. Selling your feel pictures will also be unlawful if your country bans OnlyFans. Although you can bypass the limitations with a VPN, receiving payments to a personal mobile wallet or bank account might be challenging.

Why You Should Sell Feet Pics on Onlyfans

OnlyFans is the best platform to make money selling foot pics, but it is an excellent steady income stream.

Below are the reasons why you should sell fret pics on OnlyFans:

It’s Simple

How easy can it be than it is? OnlyFans allow you to trade your feet pics from home conveniently. Moreover, it does not involve lengthy paperwork to set up your creator account for monetization.

People Need Feet Images

The internet needs your feet pics. You would be wondering why random pics from the internet cannot be used. The answer is that those feet pics have been copyrighted. You would be violating the law and can be fined heavily.

Some persons also need your foot pics for adverts. By subscribing to your OnlyFans account, they reserve the full right to use your feet’ pics for marketing.

Just a Phone Does the Job

If you have no computer, a smartphone does the job. Moreover, the steps to set up and upload your feet pics for money are seamless. Mobile phones consume less data, and you can manage your OnlyFans account on any bandwidth.

Everyone is Eligible

You can sell your feet pics on OnlyFans without qualifications of any kind. Your job is to create the account, apply for monetization and cashout from subscriptions.

Tips to Success

The best practice is to professionalize your OnlyFans account. It gives users that impression that you are in for business solidly. Despite starting my account newly, I added watermarks and usernames to my images. When users need it, they contact me for copies without a watermark.

Also, do not link your OnlyFans account to your Snapchat account. It is reportedly against OnlyFans policy, and I have seen OnlyFans accounts taken down for breaching this policy.

Other ways to make money on OnlyFans

Apart from selling feet pics on OnlyFans, you can earn in other ways.

Below are more ways to earn from OnlyFans:

  • Publish subjects like cooking tutorials.
  • Upload your swimsuit and modeling pics.
  • Host fitness routine how-tos and videos.
  • Upload voice recordings and ASMR videos.

Final Thoughts

When you launch your feet store on OnlyFans, guests can’t see them unless they log in and subscribe to your account.

Meanwhile, the activities on OnlyFans may conflict with your belief system. Ensure to learn how this platform works before you sign up. If you want a platform not dedicated to intimacy, consider other options like Shutterstock.

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