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How to Steal From Stores Without Getting Caught [Steal Anything]

In this article, I will be showing you some cools tricks on how to shoplift expensive items from any store without getting caught. The fear of anybody looking to make some quick bucks from shoplifting items from a store and reselling for a lower or higher amount is the fear of being caught.

I have some cool ways I did it in the past, so that I will show you. Whether you need an iPhone, a new LCD TV, a new Mac Laptop, or even an expensive Jacket for winter, here are the perfect ways to shoplift them.

There is the last hurdle to cross for everyone reading this piece, and that is, “what happens if you get caught?” I have two suggestions for you;

  • Act like it was a mistake, and you forgot to pay for it
  • Pay for it when you are caught

Whichever one you intend to do when you get caught is fine. But my rule says “never get caught,” and it is straightforward.

It is only when you get careless that you are caught shoplifting an expensive item in a local store with few security cameras. As long as you are still in the shop, no one should know what you’ve done. They might only know after you’ve left and moved away from the location.

Here are some quick tips to avoid getting caught while shoplifting from any store. Make sure you keep to the rules.


Tips to Shoplift Expensive items successfully

If you want to be successful during and after shoplifting, then you have to use these tips. Even with the methods of how to shoplift expensive items I will outline for you, any mistake will get you caught – I guess you want to avoid that. Here are the tips;

Always go in Two’s


image of someone shoplifting expensive items

Always go with a partner


Having someone always to watch your back during shoplifting is dope. If you go in just alone, you might not be able to carry out a clean operation and get things done.

I suggest you go in two’s; while one of you do the shoplifting, the other person distracts any watching eyes from your circle.

Go for small, expensive items

I guess it is easier to steal a golden wristwatch than to steal a 52-inches T.V. Now that you know this, it is better to aim for something you can easily hide down your pants and dash off the show-room than getting caught over something bogus.

So when it comes to shoplifting expensive items, I suggest you make do with something tiny, small, but costly. You can even steal a diamond – if you come in contact with one.

Scan your environment

To shoplift expensive items means no one can see you during and after the process. Just before you make a mistake, getting caught can get you 2-years in federal jail. So make sure you leave no stone unturned while trying to run your show.

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Check if the store has a security guard

Several store attendants


Make sure you check for anything that can or would implicate you during the exercise.

Don’t come in once with your partner

So I guess you and your partner want to make money stealing from stores, right? The first rule is, don’t come into the store together because you will attract attention.

Once you guys have attracted attention, it would be difficult to carry out any heist successfully.

Leave once eyes are on you

Once you’ve attracted attention, it is time to say goodbye and leave. Don’t go together because you might be stopped for further interrogation – which could be embarrassing.

One person should exit the store, and the other pretends to receive a call and leave too. It becomes quite simple and effortless.

So now you’ve got the best tips to steal expensive items from a store successfully, what are the ways to execute them?


Ways to Shoplift Expensive Items from any Store (Walmart, etc.)

Here are some of the popular ways I executed mine when I was still living at Orlando in Florida in the United States of America. I was a frequent visitor to Walmart, and I never got caught until I left for Germany.

It worked for me, so I guess it should work for you too. If you want to make money stealing from stores, then take these my strategies serious.

Here’s what I did; I steal from a store and resell higher online. I had a warehouse of several goods I shoplifted from several stores across the US.

Well, here are some of my strategies.


how to shoplift expensive items from a store

A dude busy shoplifting


The Drag and Replace Strategy

Now, this is a straightforward way to shoplift expensive items from any store you find yourself. Remember, I made it clear that your target should be small items that you can hide without attracting attention.

So first of all, I go to scout around for what would be my target expensive item. Most times, I go for watches because this strategy works well for watches. Once I find a watch that fits what I want, then I move ahead to purchase its replica. BTW, you can also make money from selling replicas – so shoplifters would patronize you.

The next day I visit the store with a replica firmly strapped around my hand. Once I see the watch I need, I pretend to test out the original watch – after a while, I strap it out and make a quick exchange.

What I finally do is replace the original watch with the replica and pretend as I came with the original watch.

Isn’t it as simple as anything?

Refund Policy Scam

Just like the first strategy to shoplift expensive items from a store, the refund policy scam almost works the same way.

This time around, you have to look out for stores that have a refund policy. Remember that your replica has to be the exact match of the original – if not, you get busted.

So once you pay for the item you want, you take it home. After a day, quickly call the sales rep and inform him/her that your item no longer works. Immediately head back to the store and present them the spoilt replica – most times, they don’t bother to check – as they quickly replace it for you or refund you your money.

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If they replace the item, you can quickly sell it off, and that is a perfect way to make money by stealing from stores.

Fake Check Strategy

Most amateur sales reps in a bid to make a sale would be tempted to accept a check. If you are away from the phony check strategy, this is one of the scam formats to dupe people.

Now you will write a check and make the amount smaller than the item amount you’ve bought. Then you go ahead to pay the balance from your pockets. This will create the illusion that the check is genuine.

If accepted, quickly take your item and move out as fast as possible. If rejected, try your luck somewhere else. Just make sure that what you are buying is super expensive that requires you to present a check.

P.S. Don’t use your real name while filling out the check.



The Fake Bank Transfer

If you are in a location like Nigeria where bank transfers are used as means of payment, then should this work.

I have already outlined how to send fraudulent bank transfers, so the process should work out just as excellent as I have described.

The app for sending the fraudulent bank transfer is free, while the other is quite expensive. So you can decide to go to any of them.

I would also want you to know that while making payments with the bank transfer method, you should be as confident as ever. But once you suspect foul play, please move out as fast as you can to avoid getting embarrassed or even arrested.

The Distraction Model

Since you have an accomplice who would be your wingman, his job would be to distract the sales rep or the person monitoring you.

Just find anything to distract them from you, and that gives you ample opportunity to complete your assignment. Under no circumstance should he be connected to you. That would blow up your false cover and sell you away.


There are many other ways to shoplift expensive items and never get caught. But make sure you follow the process. Whether you are aiming to shoplift at Walmart or any different retail store, the process is simple and straight forward.

So keep the hustling going and make money by stealing from shops. No one would hold you down for that.

Read other articles to see different ways of making money illegally. Till next time, see you around. Bye!

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