Sickness Billing Format [Read Now Before I Delete]

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Last Updated on January 21, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

Sup hustler? You may have been searching the internet for sickness billing format tirelessly, and I have it ready today. I’m aware that the yahoo format for sickness is scarce, which is because everyone wants to keep the trick for themselves.

sickness billing format

Does sickness format for yahoo billing work? Yes, the sickness billing format works, and it is a proven billing format that allows you to bill your client even faster than the accident format, hospital format, and medical billing.

To bill a client using sickness yahoo format, you need an email account – Gmail preferably, Grammarly, smartphone/PC, email address of your client, images of you being sick, and a social account. You will also decide on a sickness that will make your client sympathize with you. You can pick a sickness such as a stroke, kidney failure, liver failure, etc.

In this article, I am providing you with all the information regarding the yahoo sickness for billing. Trust me, you no longer need the sickness billing format PDF.

Requirements for Sickness Format

In this section, I will list the requirements for successful billing using sickness format.

Below are the requirements for billing your client with sickness format:

Fake Social Account

The first thing you need is a fake social media account. But as a yahoo boy, you should already have multiple fake social accounts. You can create a fake Facebook account or a fake Instagram account to connect with your client. If you can’t create a fake Facebook account, you can hack a Facebook account and use it to collect personal details from your client.

You can also use a fake dating platform such as Tinder, OkCupid, and eHarmony. Note, too, that the gender of your profile must match with what your client will like. For example, if your target is gay, you need a gay profile, and if your target is interested in male or female, your profile must be either male or female.

Email Address/Personal Details of Target

Some social platforms reveal the email address of your potential client. But, if a social platform does not reveal the email address of your target, you have to socialize with them until you collect their details.

Platforms such as Facebook hides the email address of your target, which means you have to get to know the target and exchange personal details.

Regarding personal details, you only need the information about your targets such as country and occupation.

When you know the country and occupation of your client, you can then decide the amount of money you want to bill them.

Note: Unless you send the sickness letter, a target is not your client yet. A target becomes your client when you can convince them enough to believe your trick.

Fake Email Address

You need a fake email address to use the sickness format for yahoo. Typically, I don’t advise hustlers to deal with Google. But I recommend Gmail because it is trusted, and Google hides your IP address.

When you use other email services, your yahoo sickness letter may land in the spam folder of your target. Of course, people hardly check the spam folder of their email unless they are expecting an email.

Note, however, that Google can ban your Gmail account if your targets mark as spam continuously. So, you have to be natural in the email messages, and you must send the messages manually to all targets.


Grammarly is an important tool for every illegal hustler out there. If your English grammar is excellent, you do not need Grammarly premium. But if your English grammar is poor, you need a Grammarly premium.

Alternatively, you can use other software such as Ginger, Sapling, WhiteSmoke, and ProWritingAid. They equally offer good grammar checkup, and I advise you to use any of them.

Moreover, if someone you can trust to help you write, do so, but don’t tell the person your intention. Just say to the person that a sick person wants you to help him/her write a letter to their uncle for money.

Mobile Phone or PC

If you are using a mobile phone sickness billing format, you need an Android phone. I don’t even recommend a PC for sickness format for yahoo because it is different from carding, hacking, or creating a phishing site.

With a mobile phone, you can compose the yahoo sickness letter, send the letter via your email address, and receive a response. But, if you own a PC, it’s still okay to use a PC for sickness yahoo billing.

Sickness Letter

The sickness letter is the primary aspect of sickness billing. If you must bill a client, your letter must be convincing and straightforward. The mistake that most yahoo hustlers make is that they send the same sickness letter to multiple targets. You are to send different versions of a yahoo letter unless you want the sickness billing to work out.

In like do FBI format, you are to send the sickness letter twice. The first letter will inform your client that you are sick and that you need urgent help. In the second letter (the main letter), you will include your bank details, sickness pictures, and the name of a hospital that does not have a website.

And you are to send the second letter after your target, now your client, responds.


Yahoo Sickness Photos

If you are not mindful of the sickness photos you send, a client will not take you seriously. The first thing you want to do is get photo editing software for your smartphone or PC. Then, download pictures of a sick person and edit the picture professionally.

Note that the picture must represent the identity that the client holds of you. For example, if your client thinks you are from Mexico, the pictures of a sick person must be Mexican.

The importance of editing every sickness picture is that it prevents the client from tracing the origin of the pictures. For instance, pictures come with what is called EXIF data.

And the EXIF data helps to trace the origin or a picture. Also, Google has an image search feature that allows people to do image searches. Of course, your client will perform an image search to determine whether you are real or fake.

yahoo format for sickness billing

Sickness Billing Format

In this section, I will teach you how to do the sickness billing for yahoo. It is one of the simplest yahoo formats that you can use to bill your client faster. Note that the sickness billing format differs from medical billing. Anyways, as I drill you, you will understand better.

Below are the steps regarding how to do sickness billing format:

Prepare the Tools

I have mentioned the tools/requirements for the sickness billing method above. The requirement is not difficult, and you can download them online from the comfort of your bedroom. As you can see, none of the requirements is paid, except Grammarly, which you can use the free version.

The major requirements include the letter for sickness billing method, fake email address, and email address of your client.

What I prefer about the sickness yahoo method is that you do not need the personal details of your client, as I mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, collect the name of your client’s country and the details of their occupation.

Find a Target

To find a target that will become your client, use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, OkCupid, etc. Before you open a social account, understand what you need in a client. For example, if you want to target gays, you need to set up the profile of a gay. The same applies if you are targeting opposite sex, which will depend on the gender role you can perform.

I also discovered that the dating billing format works hand in hand with a sickness billing format. That is, you can start a romance scam with your client and later tell the client that you are sick.

Of course, since the client loves you and thinks that you love them, they will send the money. Sometimes, you can request their bank details to pay for the treatment of the sickness. Note that this format works better on clients from the age of 59.

Make the Target Your Client

When you find a target, you have to convert the target to your client. The challenge of cashing out with the sickness billing is becoming close buddies with your client. But you can be patient for about 7 days for the client to settle with you.

To keep conversations with your client alive, find a topic that interests them the most. And do not message them every time. It could be once after every day, and it must be during the evening when they are free. Note that if you do not reside in the country of your client, the time zone will differ. That is, your morning may be their night, which means you should know the right time to message them.

Collect Personal Details

Collect personal details from your client is not difficult. During the conversations, lie about your details to them. For instance, you can tell them that you are a Dubai residence and love to know their country of residence.

You can also lie about your occupation to make them sympathize with you. Typically, you may tell them that you are a construction worker, a departed medic in the war force, or a typical trader.

When you collect their details – email, occupation, and country-can proceed with the letter. It is still okay if you want to use the sickness billing format in the social account.

Send the Sickness Letter

You are to send two kinds of sickness billing letters. The first letter will inform your client that you need their attention. And if you receive no response, do not send the second letter, which will include your bank account for them to send in money.

When a client does not reply to your email, find another client. It is for this reason that a hustler should have at least 10 targets or more so that if one does not comply, the other will.

Remember that you will include fake sickness photos in the second letter you are sending to your client. The pictures must be convincing; otherwise, the client will know that you are a scammer. Endeavor to follow the explanation I gave about pictures in the requirement section.

Bill the Client and Cash Out

The sickness billing format is successful once your client sends you money. Do not request your client’s bank details in the sickness billing method unless you do not want to cash out.

If you want your client to still believe you despite billing them, you can design a fake payment receipt and send it to them. The fake payment receipt must contain the name of the hospital or clinic you visited to treat the disease.

Letter for Sickness Billing

In this section, I will reveal the sample letter for sickness billing format. Below is the sample billing format letter for your client:

Sample of First Letter

Dear [name of client]

Email Subject: Help me to cure [name of the sickness you prefer]

I hope you are having a great day out there, though I am not having a great day. I do not know whether you will reply to this message, but I am asking that you reply because it means a lot to me.

Recently, I have been battling [name of sickness], and I cannot afford to foot the treatment bills. I do not also know how to beg, probably because I have a small business that keeps me going daily.

I do not intend to go into details right now because I hate to bug people. But if you would be interested, I will reply to you with some details after receiving your response. Please, bear in mind that your response will mean a lot to me, and I hope to hear from you soonest.

Thank You

[Your fake name]

Above is a sample of the first letter. The purpose of the first letter is to draw the attention of your client and not to bill the client. When the client responds, you will need the second yahoo sickness letter, the billing letter.

sickness billing format pdf

Below is the yahoo sickness billing letter:

Dear [name of client]

RE: Help me to cure [name of the sickness you prefer]

I recently reached out to you regarding [name of sickness] that ruins my life presently. I had pleaded that you get back to me, which you have, and I am very grateful. And I say “thank you.” I hope you are doing great.

On the [add fake date], I was diagnosed with [name of sickness], which the doctor said had been in me for some time. Prior to the diagnosis, I noticed unusual changes in my body, which include [list the symptoms of that fake sickness].

Right now, the hospital billed [write the amount in the currency of the country you’re treating the sickness (for example, $200)]. I Have gathered 20% of the bill, and I do not want to touch the money in my account because it will affect the capital of my small business [name of business].

Please, I beg that you put me into consideration and assist me to get rid of this sickness. I do not want to die in silence.

Below is the information you might require:

Name of Hospital/Clinic:

Cost of Treatment:

Fake Images of a Sick Person:

Name of Bank Account:

Bank Account Number:

Fake Image of Hospital Bill:


Above is the information I feel you will require. Please, I will also be grateful if you make a contribution if you are not financially buoyant to help with my remaining bills. I am on my knees.

Thank You

[Your Name]


Note: You can use the details of your mobile wallet such as PayPal, Payoneer, etc.



The purpose of this article is to expose the sickness billing format. I do not encourage you to proceed with the billing format because it is illegal, and it works on any client, especially clients of 56 years old and above.

Final Thought

So, above is the information you need to do the sickness yahoo billing. Of course, it is not difficult, as long as you contact the right client.

And like I mentioned earlier, you do not require the sickness billing format PDF. But if you plan to keep this sickness billing tutorial, you can save the URL on your phone/PC, or you download this page in your browser.

Note that the sickness format for yahoo is illegal, and if you are caught, you will be fined heavily.


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