Proven Signs to Know a Nigerian Scammer on the Internet – From an Ex-Scammer

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Ready to know the Signs of a Nigerian Scammer? Read my Confessions

Hello Whitee (the name we call the White Man/Woman who is about to send us money), are you about sending cash to a lover you just met online? Did you really check if the lover had signs of a Nigerian scammer or you are blindly in love?

Most people don’t want to ever believe that the so-called “Female Model” or “Hot-boyfriend” that drives em crazy everyday online is just an ugly scammer looking for free money.

My name is Mike, and ex Nigerian scammer. In this article, I will show the few signs of a Nigerian scammer. I made over $10,000 Naira monthly scamming my online lovers.

Just before you send that money to the sweet lover you met on “Facebook” or you are chatting with on Whatsapp, make sure you read this post. It will save you a whole lot of headaches when it comes to falling victim of online fraud.

Now you may wonder why I am showing the people we were meant to scam the several signs of a Nigerian scammer. It doesn’t matter if I expose it or not; someone who would fall for your Nigerian scam will fall for it. There is no big deal to that fact.

Now back to the issue at hand; what are the signs of a Nigerian scammer?

These attributes have been certified about 98% true, so failure to believe me is at your own detriment.

Signs to Know a Nigerian Scammer

a Nigerian scammer

The face of a Nigerian scammer

They are mostly on Social Media Sites

Where else would they be able to gain your trust and love, if not on social media? If both of you started off as online lovers, then that is one of the signs that he is a Nigerian scammer.

When I started off my career with this scam business, I got all my clients (a name for people we dupe) from several dating sites and most especially Facebook. All I needed was to send a hook-up invitation – then BOOMMM!!!

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I am not saying that everybody on dating sites and Facebook that want to hook-up with you is a Nigerian scammer looking for money, but this is one of the signs of a Nigerian scammer. What other sensitive signs are there to look out for?

They are always outside your region and country

Once you discover that your online lover is probably in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or somewhere far away, and then it is one of the clear signs of a Nigerian scammer at work.

Now you might wonder why they always choose to be far away from your country right.

That is a process for those who are using the dating format to bill their clients. Staying far away from your client means that you can be able to manipulate them.

One of the major methods I used was my ability to convince my “online lovers” to send me money to be able to come over to their location. It worked 8 times out of 10 trials.

So just when you find your internet lover asking you to send him flight money to be able to pay you a visit, just know that it is one of the signs of a Nigerian scammer.

They would start demanding for your Credit Card details

What else would a Nigerian scammer want aside having your credit card details and using it for their personal spending?

My personal aim while chatting with my clients then was to have their credit card details. It would require days, weeks, and months of persistence.

This is one of the signs to watch out for to know if you are dealing with an unknown scammer from Nigeria.

If your lover were to be real and genuinely in love with you, they wouldn’t be asking for your credit card details. Just in case you are wondering how the credit card scam happens, I have written a detailed post on it. So do well to visit the page and know how to avoid such cheap scams.

signs of a Nigerian scammer

Nigerian scammers in action

They try to Phish your Card Details

I remembered scamming a 50-yr old woman about £10,000, and it was quite simple. After we became lovers and knew that she trusted me real bad. I decided to play a very fast one on her intelligence.

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She never gave in to give me her credit card details despite how much I persuaded her. I decided to go through another means.

I created a fake “Investment bank” website and asked her to make investments that would last her for a lifetime. She was so excited at a chance to finally become a millionaire and decided to take her chances.

She inserted her details on the website; before she could say, Jack Robinson, I was already spending money from her credit card before she could block it. It was a weekend, so I think it took a longer amount of time to get the card finally blocked.

A Nigerian scammer is always on the lookout to dupe you. When a so-called “Lover” pesters you for your credit card, that is one of the signs of a Nigerian scammer – keep running.

They blackmail you emotionally once you don’t give in to their requests

If all the signs I mentioned isn’t enough to convince you about the signs of a Nigerian scammer, then this should.

It is a major persuasion tactic of making someone fall in love with you then threaten to leave them once they don’t give in to your demands.

Mary (the first name of the woman I scammed again from the USA) fell for my trick when I used these tactics. The moment I threatened to dump her, she became responsive to my demands.

I hope she forgives me – I reached out to her, but her number and emails weren’t connecting anymore.

Nigerian scammers all over the internet are creating newer, sophisticated ways to dupe you of your hard earned money. But if you want to avoid any such stories, here are the steps to take.

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How to avoid becoming a victim to a Nigerian Scammer

From my years of experience scamming white people on the internet, I have discovered something common among those who get scammed. I would list out the things you need to stop doing if you want to avoid getting scammed.

Nigerian scammer arrested

Arrested Nigerian scammer

Avoid being greedy

Don’t fall for shady investments that an online lover pitched to you. It is definitely not true and would never be. No matter how tempted you are to invest just to find money to pay off your mortgage, you’d be scammed.

Forget the idea of investing in an online business just for huge profits. The chances of getting scammed high are on the high side.

Never get too attached to an Online Lover

If you’ve not seen your online lover, then please never get too attached to them online. Blackmailing you emotionally to get something out of you is one of the signs of a Nigerian scammer like I explained earlier.

It is one of the signs that your online lover is nothing but a Nigerian scammer. Never pay anyone to come to visit you, get to see them first before you then decide if the relationship is worth it or not.

If you follow these two steps, you won’t ever get scammed on the internet. Are you still looking for the signs of a Nigerian scammer, I have written from experience. So I believe you should trust my judgment on this matter.

I will bring you extra tips to keep you safe online and I wish you good luck.

Just before you go, remember that the game is advancing, so you need to be watchful.

Please remember to share this post on your Social Media pages and alert your friends. Thank youuuu!!!

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