Kids undergoing skill acquisition

What is Skill Acquisition? 10 Lucrative Skills to Learn in 2019

What is Skill Acquisition? 10 Lucrative Skills to Learn in 2019

Acquiring a skill is a very sure way to get you out of the poverty jinx, which is ravaging all part of the world today. The workforce is ever-growing yearly as Universities dish out graduates every year into the workforce which is overpopulated. Learning a skill will set you apart from those set of graduates who still bank on white collar jobs before they can begin to work.


Kids undergoing skill acquisition

Kids learning Several Skills


Since the unemployment rate is ever increasing, young graduates from the Universities with nothing left to lay their hands on and make a source of living. That is the more reason why you should be eager to learn a skill whether you are a graduate or not.

You will still be in ancient times if you are not aware of the fact that acquiring a skill is what will definitely push you to the next level. There are different types of lucrative skills to learn in 2019 which will fetch you the type of money you have long been searching for. However, the type of skills you will learn depends solely on the type of mindset and knowledge level you have.

There is no doubt that the future does belong to those who have acquired some defined level of skills. Meanwhile, a lot of people now take learning a skill for granted. They prefer to go to school to land a white-collar job rather than learning a skill. I am not saying this so that you would dump your education, but I am emphasizing on skills just in case you graduate from a specific school and a job is not forthcoming.




Let us look in the direction of the list of the wealthiest people in the world; they all had a particular skill which took them to where they are at the moment. Before we get into the ten lucrative skills to learn in 2019, it is essential that we first look into what skill acquisition is all about.


Skill acquisition is defined as the act of learning a particular form of craft to create a source of living after acquiring that professional skill. It is also defined as the process of being taught practically on a specific function until you have mastered the skill. Skill acquisition is also the manner or way by which you learn a particular skill. These skills vary depending on the individual and what he/she is capable of learning. Also, some skills are termed to be more profitable than another.

You can forget about how to become a yahoo boy, learning any of these skills will make you definitely rich and famous. That is if you put your mind towards learning them.



  • Learning a skill anywhere in the world will make you independent of yourself. Rather than depending on other people to pay your bills and buy your food, you can do them yourself when you start making money from the skills you have learned.


  • Leaning a skill can make you rich. You may begin to doubt this, but the great and richest men of the world started with small skills which later grew to become a mighty one. Take, for example, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg.


  • Learning a skill drives you away from idleness. When you begin to practice the expertise you have acquired, there is no reason for you to be idle anymore despite your search for a white-collar job if you just graduated from the University.




Like I stated earlier, skills vary depending on the individual, and there are some which are certainly better than the other. However, the list below will contain the ten lucrative skills to learn in 2019, which will surely benefit you and possibly make you rich. The kind of expertise you should learn solely depends on your qualifications and what you are capable of doing. Meanwhile, the ten lucrative skills to learn in 2019 will be divided into Vocational and White Collar skill acquisition program.

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For the vocational skill acquisition program, there is no high level of intelligence or sophisticated cranium capacity needed to make it a success. The list of the professional skill acquisition program includes:

  1. Barbing

Barbing is one of the most lucrative skills to learn in 2019. You can find a barbing salon in every nook and cranny of a country. That is a good assurance that the profession of barbing is very much craved for around the world. A lot of people visit the barbing salon daily to get a haircut, and they pay the right amount of money to see that done. In the business of barbing, you can never run short of customers.

The first step to have to take before you can start making money from this skill is to learn it. After a successful attempt at learning the craft, the next set of steps is to get a very good location for the job, acquire the tools and begin to make money while satisfying the people who patronize you daily.






  1. Fashion Designing

In the world today, where everyone has a knack about fashion, fashion design is ever growing, and it is also one of the best and lucrative skills one can learn. Meanwhile, to survive and stake a claim in the business of fashion designing, you must be creative.


That is because people love to see new designs on each occasion. One of the most driving factors about this type of skill is that it can be learned within a short period of time, depending on how dedicated you are towards the profession. When you have successfully mastered this skill, you can begin on a small scale before moving to a larger size depending on your capital. Also, satisfying those who patronize you is another sure way of becoming rich in this type of skill. That is because you can get 2 or more people who would patronize you from one customer just because you satisfied her needs.


  1. Photography


skill acquisition on photography

Student Learning Photography

This type of skill is also lucrative in different parts of the world and will continue to be profitable. A lot of people love to keep memories of certain events and occasions, and there is no better way to do that than the use of photographers.

Most importantly, it is never challenging to learn this skill. This skill can be acquired under a week or just some days, depending on how fast you are. When there is an occasion like a wedding ceremony, birthday party and so on, you are to visit that particular venue while taking photos of those who need it and getting paid for it. Since there are different occasions daily, you will never be short of work and cash at the same time.


  1. Catering

This type of skill is on the rise now due to the high demand for snacks and junk foods in the world today. Baking of cake and different type snacks for another kind of occasions like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and anniversary and getting paid for it is a sure way to make money in 2019.

However, this type of skill is mostly learned in a long period due to the difficulty in preparing some sure snacks. There is no point in rushing to acquire this type of expertise, and you come out producing nonsense. Nobody will patronize you if you do not produce up to standard and that could be a hindrance to the amount of money you are supposed to be making daily. Meanwhile, if you have mastered this skill, you are surely guaranteed daily income depending on how many people patronize you.


  1. Make-Up

Majority of women in the world today are willing to pay a good amount of money to look good, and that is why this type of skill is one of the lucrative profession to learn in 2019. As an individual, you can take full advantage of women’s love for wearing make-up by learning the craft and becoming an expert in it.

This type of skill can be learned within a short period of time, and it pays very well. Besides the high amount of money it does pay, you would also enjoy doing this type of skill daily.

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Another type of vocational skill acquisition program, you can lay your hands upon includes the likes of;

Hair Dressing,

Automobile Repairs,


Tiling, and so on.




In the professional skill acquisition program, there is always some level of educational ability attached to it. To engage in this type of skill acquisition program, it is essential that you also have some high level of sophisticated cranium capacity as well as some educational quality if you must succeed.

In this type of skill acquisition program, there are often listed under different categories. One such group involves Information Technology; another is based on the media aspect. Under this type of class, there is every chance that you would become an expert in anything that has to do with a computer. Also, under this category, there are some certain skills which you can learn and start making money from. I will take some as examples.


  1. Graphic Design

A lot of people who have websites want to see their website looking good, so they opt for the option of employing a graphic designer to ensure that their website is looking excellent and also to their satisfaction. In Graphic Design, you can make tons of money while on the internet and even off the internet.


To begin in this skill, you have first to learn it, and then you advertise your skills to different people that you may be of help too. You can learn this type of skill under a month if you are fast.

  1. Content Writing

This is another lucrative skill which is taking over the world today. This type of expertise does not necessarily mean that you go to work in different places. With this type of skill, you can work from the comfort of your home.

All you require is to master this type of skill, get clients, and begin to work to earn money. This type of skill can be practiced on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and so on. You should also have your personal computer if you made this type of skill stress-free.


  1. Software Development


software developer coding

Two Software Developer Learning New Skills


In the world we are in today, the development of new software is something people are looking forward to. You can make a great deal of money by developing software which companies and organizations will use. They will be willing to pay you a high amount of money to employ you and keep you within their reach.






  1. Script Writing

This type of skill is needed in the movie industry, where films are produced regularly. This type of skill requires you to be creative in your writings so that the kind of films which are created will make waves and you would be a hot cake in the market.


  1. Web Application Development

A lot of people are in search of those who are experts in creating mind-blowing applications. Majority of blogs and websites now employ those people who specialize in creating apps, and they are willing to pay you for you to manage their application for them in case it begins to da develop fault. To be an expert in this field, you must be willing to learn this skill well.

Other types of White Collar Acquisition Program includes;

Computer Hardware Engineering,

Network Engineering,


Database Management,

Microsoft Office Suites Usage,


Video Editing,

Sound Editing, and so on.



In this article, we have discussed the ten lucrative skills to learn in 2019. The listed skills above can be learned within 2-3 months, depending on how fast you are. Another important thing for you to do is to invest in the profession and begin the kind of money you wish to make.

This article is directed to educate and drive you towards learning a skill. If you are pushed to learn a skill by this article, make sure you share this post to your friends.

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