Snapchat vs Instagram: Which is Best for Brand Marketing?

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Snapchat vs Instagram: Which is Best for Brand Marketing?

Both Snapchat and Instagram are extremely popular as social media platforms. Brands almost always include either or both the platforms in their marketing strategies, and those which do are at an advantage over those which don’t use either.

Bigger brands would like to have a presence on all famous social media platforms and since they are already established businesses, they can afford to do so. On the other hand, smaller companies may not have enough resources to use both, but they definitely need one of them to be able to market their brand.

So, to help you get a clearer picture of which platform to choose, we will be discussing 5 key aspects of both platforms. Based on the pros and cons of the platforms in these aspects, you can easily make a choice.

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Now, let’s dive into the ultimate battle: Snapchat vs Instagram!

  1. Audience

Both Instagram and Snapchat largely cater to a young audience, mostly centered around North America. Between the two, Instagram also has an older audience, while Snapchat’s audience consists of teenagers and young adults.

What you need to consider here is the type of audience you want to engage with. If your products or services cater more to younger people than older people, Snapchat would be the one for you. This app can help you focus your strategies exclusively on your target audience.

On the other hand, Instagram gives you a wider option between the demographics of your audience in terms of age. So deciding on your target audience will help you make the choice here.

  1. Discoverability

With over a billion monthly users, you can easily attract more users on Instagram than Snapchat, which has just over 100 million monthly users. However, this can be both a boon and a bane for Instagram users.

More audience also means more competition. According to Instagram user statistics, around 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business profile, and this means that your posts could easily get overshadowed by other brand’s posts.

On the other hand, even though Snapchat has fewer users, 100 million is still a lot. With the right strategies, you can really gain a big audience on this platform as well, and with much lesser competition.

So the main question for you is which do you choose, audience or competition?

  1. Type of Content

There are some big differences between the two platforms in terms of the type of content you can post. On Instagram, you have a wide variety of choices between posts, Stories, Reels, and IGTV clips. 

Moreover, apart from Stories, the other forms of content will stay on your feed till you manually remove them. Instagram Stories too can stay on your feed in the form of Highlights. 

On the flip side, Snapchat does not have the option of posts, and pictures and videos can be sent in the form of snaps. The biggest difference here is that Instagram has a feed, while Snapchat does not.

This means that snaps are sent between two people which makes it a more private form of social media platform. Snapchat Stories are similar to that of Instagram and both stay on your account for 24 hours.

Lastly, Instagram posts allow you to add captions that you can use to talk about your product or brand, while Snapchat does not have this feature. You will have to type on your snap or Story if you want to convey something to your audience.

  1. Advertising Campaigns

Both platforms offer advertising features, which include an Ad Manager feature that can help you create advertising campaigns. You can pick your target audience based on the criteria you choose.

In terms of the type of ads, you can post pictures and videos as posts or Stories on Instagram. Snapchat however, also provides you with the option of customizing Filters and Lenses to advertise your brand. This is quite costly though, with the minimum price for Lenses at $300,000 for a day.

  1. Analytics Tools

Apart from Snapchat ads, you will not be able to view the analytics of your regular Stories and snaps on this platform. However, Instagram provides you with analytics on all your posts and Stories. The only requirement is that you have a business account.

With the in-built Instagram Insights tool, you can view your audience demographics, times when they are most active, audience engagement with all your posts, and much more. These statistics can help you strategize your brand marketing without any external help or other tools.

Snapchat and Instagram are both helpful in their own ways and have features that can tend to different types of businesses. By figuring out what you require from a social media platform to market your brand, you can easily make a choice between the two.

The easy-to-use interface of these apps makes it all the more enticing for a huge audience. Businesses that have social media accounts appear more reliable to people, and hence, you must create an online presence for yourself and your brand to attract more customers.

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