Best Soccer Bet Winning Formula [Updated Strategy]

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Best Soccer Bet Winning Formula for Punters

You must be needing a soccer bet-winning formula to visit this page. Fortunately, this article has been updated with the latest strategy for winning a football bet easily.

If you proceed with a football bet without a working strategy, you will likely lose than win the money. With time, placing a bet becomes frustrating, and you label the bookmakers “scammers.”

In soccer, as the Americans call, each bet is rule-governed. Thus, you are expected to understand, abide and devise a football-winning formula to become a successful punter.

Meanwhile, by placing a bet without thorough research, you invite a losing formula, which every punter dislikes.

To correct how you see and predict a football or soccer bet, we will be discovering the best soccer bet-winning formula with commendable ROI.

Why Soccer Bet Winning Formula is Important

Income Stream

If you belong in the crop of bettors that depend on football betting to earn money, knowing the best football winning formula is important for your success in the long term.

The chief editor of this article, Mike Bush, claims that “to win a soccer bet consistently, you should devise a winning formula unique to you.”

It could be an existing formula or something you just discovered while betting on football. For example, if the OV/UN market is your winning market, it becomes your winning formula.

The importance of having a winning formula is to ensure the frequent flow of income while realizing commendable ROI.

Typically, soccer betting is not “easy-to-win”; you can’t always get your predictions right, but it makes the most sense when you secure at least 50% winning accuracy.

Betting Experience

When you discover a winning formula for a football bet, it encourages you to place and win more bets over time.

How to bet on soccer and always win

So, as you continue to bet on soccer, you build an experience that makes you a complete punter. You might set up a soccer prediction software following your expertise and modify the algorithm in a humanized manner to crawl soccer events and return high-chance predictions.

Unique Winning

Like I mentioned earlier, having a soccer bet-winning formula entails being unique in the football prediction field.

When you discover what is unique about your predictions, you stick to it and cashout to the bank.

Best Soccer Bet Winning Formula

This section will discover the strategies you should consider to increase your ROI and win football bets consistently.

Below are the best soccer bet winning formula:

Low Odds, Higher Staking Power

As the name implies, you focus on lower odds and stake a higher amount of money. For example, you have three selections with 1.20 each, and you’re staking $50, your winning becomes about $130, excluding bonus.

In this case, your stake doubles up, and you may choose to double your stake and triple the cashout amount.

Using this betting strategy, understand that it is the most “sure bet” somehow similar to a value bet.

Your chance of winning depends on the number of selections and the type of teams you pick.

Most bettors fail to capitalize on low odds after staking huge by relying overly on the low-odd team. Before you pick a low-odd team, confirm their injury list, yellow/red cards, last 5 performance, etc.

Single Market

Picking a single market to bet on is an excellent soccer betting strategy that can make or break. The winning chance is 50/50 regardless of the team you select.

However, you can increase the winning chance by 20% when you select a low-odd market.

For example, double chance. A double chance bet is a strategy in itself, and they include Home Win or Draw (1X), Away Win or Draw (X2), Home or Away win, etc.


If you bank on the double chance method, you can win comfortably. But if you use markets like X, HT X, FT X, GG, etc., the losing risk increases. GG or BTS is somehow positive because both teams can always score regardless of their abilities.

Double Market Combo

Unlike a single market, you select two markets to bet on. For example, if you have six selections, each of the three selections carries a different betting market.

Let’s say we select Home Win for the first three selections; the final three will be Away Win. Like the single soccer bet winning strategy, you must pick two markets you have recorded the most success or winning progression.

Meanwhile, it is not recommended to combine the double chance market when focusing on double markets strategy to increase winning chances.

How do we mean? If you select 3 teams and predict a home win and over 2 goals, you are saying that each of the three teams to win from home will score at least 3 goals. If one team wins by a goal margin, you lose.

Multiple Markets Combo

You can strategize to win soccer bets by combining multiple markets. In this regard, you must be predictively good. Most bettors, especially beginners, follow this method, though. And it is the most demanding method research-wise.

When you select multiple markets, you’re combining as many markets as you can. I.e., you get to play H, A, HT X, X, etc., in a single selection.

Nonetheless, you can improve your chances by targeting low-odd selections.

High Odds, Low Stake

Not many punters and bettors love to stake the most money. However, it is proven to be the most consistent winning format.

Of course, you’ll have bad days, but not always. The good days can always cover the bad days, but the bad days? You dust your jacket and move on!

The life of a typical bettor relies on a “losing streak” to build up subsequent predictions.

“If you bet to win, you bet to hate.” Thus, to bet to win, make the most hurtful decision, such as losing a high amount of money, to either double up or return to zero.

Surprisingly, as mentioned earlier, staking the highest amount of money to double a bet guarantees the best winning frequency, which is what matters.

Live Bets

Following a surge in demand, betting sites introduced options for live bets. Excitingly, live bets feature the highest odds and the most heartbreaks.

A typical soccer game that carries 2.50 odds may rise to 8.00 as a game is in progress.

Let’s say Manchester United is leading Chelsea by 2 goals; live odds may increase by 10.00 if you predict a comeback win for Chelsea.

It also happens that you lose amidst the most promising soccer game. If a team with 1.02 odd is losing by a goal to a team with 30.00 in the 60th minute, you are tempted to predict a comeback win. I.e., 2+ goals for the losing team. It might happen that in the 87th minute, the low-odd team nets another goal to confirm their winning, and you lose.

You can always avoid the dangers if you consider factors like the on-field players, players with yellow/red, team pressure, attacking prowess, and the weaker team’s defensive line.

The Bookmaker

A bookmaker can make or mar your winning chances. If you continue with a bookmaker with a low bonus, you are losing some cool cash.

Sometimes, a booker’s odd can keep you from selecting the game you most prefer. Again, some bookmakers do not offer all the betting markets you can explore.

So, why not find a new bookmaker? You might discover a betting market to conquer and improve your winning streak.

Value Bet

As the name implies, a value bet involves placing a soccer bet where there is value. When you take on a value bet, you make selections and predictions that do not reflect the chance of winnings in the odds.

In this regard, the odds reflect that the bookies are unsure about the chance of winning, and it is lower than what you estimate, it becomes the best bet.

Below is a brief illustration:

Suppose you are betting that the Golden State Warriors @ LA Lakers is going over 220.5 points; if the calculation shows a 75% possibility, you change it to betting odds in the decimal format. We will have the following equation:

Decimal betting odds: 1/75% (chance of winning) = 1.33.

The bookmaker has 1.55 for the event. So, since 1.33 is less than 1.55, this bet is OK.

Understand that a value bet does not focus on a sure bet; you are after making the most money.

How to Develop a Winning Formula in Football Bet

It’s time to stake a few bucks, but you can’t develop a winning formula. Well, if you proceed with the bet, you stand a 50/50 chance between winning and losing.

Get in; below is how you develop a winning formula in soccer:

Proper Research

Your first step is to research thoroughly. Now, the answer is within you, but you can’t seem to tell which is right or wrong.

Researching a football game before placing a bet does not end at listening to radio and TV updates; you are up against discovering what most bettors and punters do not know.

Think about it; why is it called a formula? The answer is that it is done scientifically. You find the problem, establish an objective and solve it. Of course, you’ll experiment with your soccer bet findings before deploying them into your soccer betting system.

Learn Each Market

Okay, now you researched how the system works, what bookmakers do, and how to get over their tricks.

Remember that you first focused on the general aspects, including commentaries, punters’ comments, etc. You must now study each market you select.

However, the best practice regarding the football betting formula is to start with the system you record the most success rate. For example, suppose you focused on combining OV/UN, GG, BTS, HT/FT, X, etc., the objective is now to pick the one you tend to perform in the most. I.e., the market with the most win accuracy.

Understand Today’s Football

Football has evolved, and we have introductions like VAR supervising offsides, giving PKs, recalling, and canceling fouls.

This innovation helps the soccer prediction world but tends to reduce the fire during football matches.

Consider Certain Factors

After selecting a formula, you want to hit hard for the money and consider certain factors’ influence. For instance, if you’re focusing on odds that do not exceed 1.40 but stake a higher amount, you must consider the form of the 1.40 odd into going into the football match. If Everton hosts Manchester City and the bookies’ tip City 1.25 away win, it doesn’t mean City will win.

How do you determine it? First, consider the number of injuries, player form, last 5 game performances, the possible referee, weather condition, ball type, and the number of yellow/red cards.

Experiment Your Findings

Of course, you want to try out your invention at least twice before staking a high amount of money.

The essence of the experiment is to confirm whether your ideas work or not. Nonetheless, it does not mean you must score 100/100 to tick the box. 80% is okay.

Suppose you have 10 selections, and 8 results are positive outcomes, then you’re on track.

If you have below 70%, it isn’t good for your winning formula in football.

Final Thoughts

Betting is an investment, but quite blind. Apparently, successful investments demand risk-taking, and you want to be up to the task to win the bet.

Meanwhile, the deeper you study soccer events, the more likely you may discover fixed matches.


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