how to spot a fake investment scheme

How to Know a Fake Investment – Don’t Lose Your Money

How to Spot a Fake Investment Scheme

So you own a business, and you are looking for additional ways to earn money by investing, right? But are you able to spot a fake investment  – to avoid getting scammed? So a friend comes up and shows you a specific investment that has an ROI of over 25%, and you feel all good and ready to dump all your cash into the investment to earn millions in a swoop.

Just before you decide to invest millions of Naira into the investment scheme, ask yourself if they are real or not.

Most of these scammers are bringing up new scam formats to dupe people of their money. So have in mind that not every investment opportunity you see online is legit or real.

I guess your only chance is going online and asking random people to help you check if the investment is legit or a scam. But just like you, others, too, have limited knowledge. I am not proud of it, but I have created several investment scams in the past, and I am willing to share with you some loopholes that always sold us out.



These loopholes made any investor with an eagle eye spot us out as a scam.

So before you decide to invest in any money-making scheme, make sure you read this and double-check again.

Just like MMM, Twinkas, Ultimate cycle, they all had a lot in common – let’s continue reading to find out the initial signs that made them scam investments.



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How to Spot a Fake Investment in this Century


how to spot a fake investment scheme

Scam Alert


Since there are no individual schools for studying the tactics of scammers, I’m making you one. Like I stated earlier, I will carefully and conversationally show you how to spot a fake investment with ease. If you do love to see people, start sharing even before reading so that someone might be saved. We all can be heroes!

Worry no more, the ideas below are what you need to know whether that venture is genuine or fake.

Quick Ridiculous Return on Investment

I would have titled this section as ‘giving a dime for a bunch’ but nope. Noticed my use of ‘Quick’? I’m using it because I know we can earn heavy with just small amounts. Now, that venture or investment that makes you ponder night and day isn’t real; it promises quick riches. If such were the case, it would instead be called ‘out-vestment.’ Do you get the idea?

An authentic investment will never come easy. If it’s not the type backed by the government, it usually poses high risks. Your turn now, think! Why would something juicy approach you and demand very little for you to own it? This often is a case in scam investments because they arrive with beautiful and ask for little. For them to come significant and demand, small is a common feature of scams with the zeal to succeed. How is this? When little is stolen continuously from you, scammers add it to those from others and cart with millions. What hurts most is when these scams take plenty from one individual! In this century? No! This shouldn’t be the case anymore.

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If you know no other way of how to spot a fake investment, don’t fail to see this one.



Little or No Risk Investments

For every investment, there is a risk attached. This risk would always be low, moderate, or high. In the case of a scam investment, the scammers often pronounce a little or no risk. This is a technique employed by scammers to lure innocent individuals into losing their money. Well, it’s undeniable that we, myself inclusive, do love what comes easy.

An investor must indeed be willing to take the risk. But then, what makes you a sound investor is your eye for what you’re signing up for. On this note, you’re supposed to find out why such as investment is presenting you with a no-risk offer. Where is it getting the money from? Why does it will give out the dough with very little or no risk accompanying the offer?

One of the investments that come to mind on this note is a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi comes with almost zero risks. It even files high-interest rates, which is said would be paid in a few days. If you dare and spare some seconds to reason, it’ll be apparent that some scams are just visible. The problem is only humans allowing themselves to be fooled by greed.

Forced Reviews

Forced reviews is another obvious way to spot a fake investment scheme. Let me explain to you what a “Forced Review” means.

Did you notice that MMM was paying people for doing a video claiming that the platform is real and pay fast? That is what I mean by forced reviews.

Most scam investment platforms need popularity, and the only way to get it is to “induce” their users to spread the news.

So when next you want to invest in a platform because you noticed that many people are talking about it, take a step back. They are most likely talking about it because they were actually “induced” to do so; it was a natural action.

On a lighter note, “have you seen anyone do a video about Fixed Deposit or Treasury Bills?”

Because they don’t need anyone to promote investment, it is real and pays, so you can decide to invest or not.

Question the Source

The most common way to know how to spot a fake investment is to question its source. Although many do claim that they ask sources but still get scammed, it’s all about how it’s done.

Do you question in a way that forces fear to run down a scammer’s spine?


how to know a fake investment scheme

Verify your source

Have you asked for the correct paperwork?

Hey, if you do not advance to this level, you’ll never find out from questioning. There is something about questioning, and I know that only a few can question. For instance, some persons ask in a way that reverses a question to them. And this isn’t exceptionally good if you intend investing your resources in something you don’t own.

On the other hand, some question in a manner that shuts the recipient. It is in this sort of way that you should examine the thing you want to invest in. You are worried because you know not how to go about with such a way of questioning? Why worry when I’m here! I mean, check on me and I’ll guide you on this.

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No Genuine Reviews

So you want to invest, then you decide to go online and do research. If you don’t see credible sources telling you genuine things about that investment, please back off!

I am not talking about random blogs or sponsored reviews; I am talking about real information sites like Business Day, Dailytrust, Sun,, Nairaland, Nairametrics. These are platforms where you get real information regarding any investment you wish to make.

Most scam investments will pay bloggers and writers to promote them online, but you have to check out the source of information. Ask yourself the following questions;

  • How genuine are the reviews?
  • Is the reviewer writing to make you register under him?
  • Will they get paid for making you register?
  • Is there an affiliate link for you to click?

If yes, then you need to be skeptical about that investment – because it will most likely be a scam. If you need investments with genuine reviews that are trusted, see the best investments in Nigeria currently with monthly returns.

Trust Your Instincts

If you have checked all the points, I listed and still skeptical about investing in that platform, please don’t invest. This is because you will most likely lose your money.

You have to trust your guts and feelings. If the investment is too good to be true, then you should not go ahead with it.

As a former investment scammer, we prepared investments that would entice people. While others trusted their instincts, others were greedy and fell for our scam.

If everything else fails, contact your financial advisor or ask questions below and I will help you check if the investment is real or a scam!



In the End

I have provided you with the basic understanding you need to know how to spot a fake investment. If only you follow this up, it will cost you a short time to spot fraudulent scam investments. Since the scammers’ knowledge depth is advancing, yours can’t lay low. If you let it lie low, it’ll cost you, and that won’t end quite well.

Keep investing and don’t fall prey to simple scams.

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