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How to Make Money with bedsheet Business in Nigeria

If you are in search of a business that can fetch you 1 million Naira profit in 4 months, consider setting up a bed sheet business in Nigeria. A bed sheet business in Nigeria isn’t just an ordinary day to day business. It is a business that provides customers with bodily comforts and all. Among the businesses I am quite certain of, in terms of making money, bed sheet business is one. It’s even present in the category of businesses like Dry cleaning and Perfume Sales on the basis of maximum profiteering.

Bedsheet business is known by a minority of Nigerians to be a very lucrative business. This qualifies it as an untapped business in Nigeria. Not everyone knows that bed sheet business in Nigeria is making waves slightly though. This is the kind of business that you should start up immediately. Once you start, neighbors and friends will be the first set of persons to patronize your bed sheet business




More on the Bed Sheet Business

The Bed sheet business in Nigeria is quite profitable. It guarantees a massive profit input. Intriguing enough, the price is not something that people can fix. This means that you can sell the bed sheet at any price you feel like. Isn’t this awesome?

After stumbling recently on a bed sheet price in two different stores, my awareness lighted up. Not long, I discovered that a bed sheet of Five Thousand Naira is not same price in another place. To be precise, the bedsheet in question is Carter’s Woven Crib Sheet of Three Thousand Naira Only. So you see, the prices fall wherever it feels suitable.

Is The Bed Sheet Business in Nigeria Profitable?

bedsheet business in Nigeria

Is the bed sheet business in Nigeria profitable?

This question requires very little or no answer at all. In Nigeria for instance, an average could boast of having about 5 bedsheets. Even at that, these homes keep buying more and more bed sheets. The truth is that most people buy from people they know, and you can be one of them. In fact, I could even be your first customer when you start this business.

bed sheet business in Nigeria





I recently conducted a price search for bed sheets. Here is a price list for some bed sheets in Nigeria.

Mickey Mouse Bedsheet – ₦1,800

Disney Frozen Bedsheet – ₦13,000

4” x 30” Baby Crib – ₦1,700

Kids Character – ₦2,500

So, tell me, from the prices up here, can you deduce something? If you can’t I can. I will share what I deduce from it with you. Look at the prices very well, don’t they differ? Of course, they do. Now, consider yourself as a seller already, can’t you see yourself as being rich already? When you want to sell your own, you can meander the price the way you like. No customer will know and no agency will question you.

Essentially, the bed sheet business is very profitable. Please opt in to it and thank me later.

The profitability of Bed Sheet in Nigeria

I know that you are after the profit. It is okay to do that because we venture into businesses for profit. With bed sheet business in Nigeria, you’d be making profits of about N20k to N40k and more at regular intervals. Some people who want to start bed sheet business in Nigeria go as far as importing the bed sheets from foreign countries to sell. But I will tell you with all certainty that you would make a loss if you import bed sheet. I see no reason why you should import bed sheets from foreign countries when it is possible to make one here in Nigeria. What are the sewing machines in Nigeria? Go get a sewing machine or employ a good tailor and get him the necessary materials and items.

Put on your data and visit e-markets like Jumia and Konga. Return and tell me the price range using the comment section. You’ll see that the slated prices for bed sheets are around affordable and saleable rates. About as low as ₦1000 to ₦15000 high. The profit from each bed sheet sold on e-commerce sites is slightly higher than those that sell for themselves.


  1. Bed sheet business is very easy to start up.
  2. It is comfortable and convenient to manage.
  3. The startup capital is low and thus, affordable for you to start.
  4. Bed sheet business can be run on a part-time basis. You can even start the business and employ somebody to manage the place.
  5. It is very possible that the bed sheet business can generate about a million or more annually.
  6. Nigerians need bed sheets for their comfort.
  7. The estimated request for bed sheet was recorded very high in Nigeria. This means that demand is high in Nigeria.
  8. The business does not require big shops to boom. You can run it anywhere that is suitable.
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Before you start bed sheet business in Nigeria, consider these facts laid down below:

  • All homes make use of bed sheets
  • Not every bed sheet outlet sell quality made bed sheet.
  • Hotels, schools, hospitals require bed sheets.

Also before you start up the business, you must be able to:

  • Have the knowledge and understanding of the best quality fabric that the majority of people like.
  • Know where they sell quality fabric for making bed sheets.
  • Have a good marketing skill to be able to sell your already made bed sheets.


how to start a bed sheet business in Nigeria



Actually, there are 3 amazing ways you can start bed sheet business in Nigeria. You have to make a decision on how you are going to start the business. You can start by:

1.       Selling bed sheets that are made already.

2.      Selling bed sheet fabrics to people or getting a tailor to sew the fabrics into the bed sheet.

3.      Reselling of bought bed sheets and bed sheet fabrics.

Let us explain the startup points one by one below:

1.       The First

If you must start the business using the first point, you must employ a supplier. Your supplier will do the work of buying the bed sheets, re-sewing the bed sheet and packaging them in a new format. You are only required to sell them to people and make your profit. This particular method is easier, and convenient for those who want to do the business part-time. This method again makes you not to bother in your search for tailors. And, not to waste time packaging the bed sheets.


2.      The Second

This second point is less expensive but the demerit is that it can be stressful. What you need is good fabrics to sew – sew them or hire a tailor. After sewing, package the bed sheet and brand it. It is, however, important to package and label your bed sheet before selling them. It heightens the standard of your product and attracts more buys. This method requires you to:

·         Have a good tailor. You can also decide to sew it yourself for extra profit.

·         Own a bed sheet packaging nylon for your bed sheet business in Nigeria.

·         Utilize good quality fabrics for the bed sheet.

·         Brand the bed sheet with a decent name. You can trademark your brand too.

·         Understanding your business environment and bed sheet business in Nigeria.

·         Build a customer base and tap connections from them.

·         Find the be best designs and integrate them into your bed sheets.

If the aforementioned points mentioned can be fulfilled, then you are good to go in making huge profit.

bed sheet business in Nigeria


3.      The Third

This method is very much expensive to start. It involves the selling of bed sheets and bed sheet fabrics to people. It is advisable to get a shop where you would be displaying the bed sheet and the fabric to prospective buyers. You are to buy the bed sheet and the fabric in large quantities and sell. Buying in small quantities would demand from you extra money and it can steal time.


1.       A reputable tailor to sew a good bed sheet.

2.      A good place where you can purchase quality bed sheet or fabric at affordable prices.

3.      Enough capital, not necessarily much capital.

4.      A shop or warehouse to store fabrics or bed sheets.

5.      Good labelling of the bed sheets.


starting a bedsheet business in Nigeria



The amount of capital needed to start a bed sheet business in Nigeria all depends on your business expectancy. However, bed sheet business in Nigeria is easy and less expensive to run. Despite this, it can pose difficulties and become expensive if you choose to increase the standard.

If you have enough capital to lease for the business, it’s advisable to go deep into the business. Here are some of the things you must know and have.

  • A store – rented or self-built.
  • At least one employee.
  • Carefully crafted business plan.
  • Wider customer base.
  • In-Depth knowledge of the business. Don’t venture into what you know little about.
  • Insurance as a backup in case of unexpected happenings and damages.
  • Proper understanding of the business environment.
  • Frequent brand and business advertisement.


How to Start a Bedsheet Business with No Capital in Nigeria

Here is a little secret for those who intend to start a bedsheet business with no capital in Nigeria. This should work majorly for those who are in Lagos, Onitsha, and Aba (because they are the commercial cities we have in Nigeria).

So here is how I was able to start mine even without any capital;

I find a major retailer

Since you don’t have the money to buy, you will be working directly with this retailer to help you make supplies. With a simple agreement in place, he will be involved in helping you get access to the products. So just find anyone who sells bedsheets in large quantities, then agree with them to allow you to sell their products too.

Find Clients

This is basically the most difficult part, but to me, I believe it is the simplest. I have outlined how to find clients with the use of several digital marketing techniques (Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media platforms). All these channels will help you find clients without spending much energy and money. Once you get a client who needs a bedsheet, here’s the next thing to do.

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Make an Order from your Supplier

Once a client has placed an order, then go ahead and contact your supplier to provide you with the materials the client requested. Remember that you only deliver to the client after they have paid (for those who are far from you). In most cases, you collect money for logistics, so that you are able to make deliveries to far locations.

Remit the Actual amount and keep the change

You should know that as you sell to your customer, your price should be higher than the actual amount it is sold in the market. In most cases at the Yaba market in Lagos, you buy the bedsheet for #1500 (One thousand five hundred Naira) and sell for #3,000 (Three Thousand Naira).

Which means that you make a gain of #1,500 for every bedsheet you sell. Isn’t this a good business to start?

But should in case you want to start small with a small amount of capital, it is also a good option.

Reason being that people will see your business more than when you start it in your home. The amount needed to start the business can be as low as N40,000- N60,000 and I can guarantee you it would make a good profit for you.

How to advertise bedsheets to Generate Profit

I’ll conclude with the marketing strategy you require in order to flourish in the bed sheet business in Nigeria. In business, one of the ways to boost income yields is through regular adverts. Whether the bedsheet business structure is low or high, you need to advertise.
There are many ways to advertise bed sheet business in Nigeria to generate massive profit. I will explain these ways to you. This is simply because I’m concerned about your happiness and want you to thrive in this business

Briefly, here we go.

Instagram Marketing

This is one of the best places to advertise bed sheet business in Nigeria. Instagram has a very high engagement rate for businesses that require visuals. So, if you can get quality sample pictures of your bedsheets, you can become rich through Instagram. There are ways you can uplift your business on Instagram. For instance, you can sell to customers and snap or video the beddings. With captures of the beddings on your phone, you can post them on your Instagram page for viewers to see. Trust me, when they see the beauty in design and display of your bedsheet, they’ll DM you instantly.


Whenever you share bedsheet, ask your followers to like and share the video or photos. This will help to increase your Instagram audience and make your business famous. The more likes and engagements you can harbor, the more visibility your page will have.

Facebook Ads

Once you start a bed sheet business in Nigeria, use Facebook Ads effectively. With the Facebook Ads feature, your bed sheet business in Nigeria will take a new turn. Paid Ads are the best because Facebook will show your product to a wider audience. You know what this means? ‘Money’.

There is a technique that can bolster your bedsheet business on Facebook. It is the technique that most people aren’t aware of. So, I’m sharing it with you. When you upload your business photos of Facebook, snap and post the beddings Before and After. The After pictures show your audience the effect of them having your bedsheets. When your followers see this, they’ll want to have theirs look the same. You know Nigerians well, right? They actually don’t like others surpassing them.

Nairaland Signature

If you are not on Nairaland, then you are missing. This is a forum that has over 2million registered members and over 5 million topics. The number of topics on this forum suggests that the forum is fully active. And yes, it is a very active forum. All you need to do is the following;

  • Create a Nairaland account.
  • Open a thread, precisely business thread, and advertise your bedsheets.
  • Make posts of beautiful pictures of your bedsheets.
  • Post links to your bedsheet business website, if you have any.
  • Upload testimonials from clients
  • Then take the link of the thread and paste it on your profile handle.

That way, whenever you post anything on any thread, people will see your business signature and click on the link. Once they click, they will be redirected to the page where you advertise your business.

Flyers Issuance

Issuing flyers or handbills is another way of advertising your bed sheet business in Nigeria. Places you can share flyers include:

  • Schools – Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Homes
  • Public Sit-outs
  • Eateries

On your flyers, convince the public that you sell top quality bed sheets. Let the design of the flyers be simple and attractive.

Other ways to advertise include:

  • The radio station
  • TV station
  • Newspapers and magazines

Ultimately, the essence to your success lies in the quality of your bedsheet. It matters to invest in quality than quantity. Nobody will give your business a second look if your materials aren’t durable. Always go for good fabrics as this will draw in more patrons from various neighbourhoods.

Keep your bedsheet business real and favour will find you.


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