How to Start a Profitable Dry cleaning Business in Nigeria

If you are looking to start a  profitable dry cleaning business in Nigeria, then you are reading the right article. Majority of Nigerians who are working class people leave their homes on a daily basis as early as 6 am and return late in the night. They have no time for daily house chores at home and most importantly to wash their clothes.

This is where the idea of employing a dry cleaner comes into play. They are willing to pay someone who will wash, iron and package their used clothes for them while paying them for their services. The working class set of people in Nigeria has made dry cleaning business in Nigeria very lucrative and that is why a new set of people are diving into the business. In this article, I would be teaching you on how to start laundry and dry cleaning business.

Just like starting a Bedsheet business and Perfume business, a Dry cleaning business is also among the most profitable businesses you can ever start.

Before I talk about how to start laundry and dry cleaning business, let me bring into notice the benefits that come with this business and the challenges you are likely to face.


  1. You can start it at home and later grow
  2. Laundry and Drycleaning business is easy and comfortable to start.
  3. It is very lucrative in that majority of people have no time to wash their clothes.
  4. You are your own boss and employer, so nobody tells you how to operate.
  5. It enables you as an individual to be very clean and hygienic.


  • The main problem of the dry cleaning business in Nigeria is the issue of electricity. Light is a basic problem in Nigeria, and without electricity, dry cleaning cannot be completed.
  • Another problem is the issue that some customers’ cloth can damage in the cause of dry cleaning. If a customer sees that his/her wear has damaged, they would not contact you again.
  • The next challenge is that some stains might refuse to be wiped out even by using all possible means. Another challenge is that the clothes can shrink if not handled with care.
  • Pieces of equipment could also get spoilt, serving as a major challenge to replace them.
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Now that the benefits and challenges in a dry cleaning business have been brought into your notice, let us now focus on how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business. The steps include:

The basic steps to start a Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria are;


start a dry cleaning business in Nigeria



  1. Check Your Capital

You cannot go into any business without checking your capital. Your capital determines whether your business will start as a small scale one or a large scale own. With as low as N50,000 and N100,000, you can start a dry cleaning business. The capital solely depends on the equipment required.


  1. Get a good business plan

As important as capital is to start any business, so also a good business plan is important to start any business. Your business plan should contain how you want to run the business and most especially the pieces of equipment you would be able to afford to start the business. A business without a good or no business plan is due to fail with time. To avoid failure by planning well.

  1. Get a good location for operation

This point is very vital if you are serious about starting a dry cleaning business. For you to succeed in this business, your location must be set in an area where people visits or passes on a daily basis. Endeavour to site your location in a busy environment in order to get many people viewing your business. You can also opt for the option of targeting a rich estate where you know they will pay you well.


  1. Advertising your business

It is, however, important to market your business to prospective customers who would patronize you. But note that before you advertise your dry cleaning business, the business must have already commenced operation. You can advertise your business through:

  • Getting a big banner and place it outside your shop
  • Producing flyers and handbills and share to close streets and neighbourhoods
  • Social media platforms such as twitter, facebook and Instagram

I can assure you that if all the above points are followed adequately, then be sure to receive phone calls, text messages as well as visits from people to your shop needing your services.

  1. Getting the needed laundry and dry cleaning equipment

No business can operate without the necessary tools and equipment. So, therefore, purchase the right and long lasting laundry and dry cleaning equipment.


  1. A washing machine
  2. Different washing basins to separate and soak materials of all kind and the colours of the wears
  3. A standby generator in case of power failure
  4. Clothes hangers
  5. A tank to store water
  6. Buckets
  7. Varieties of laundry detergents to be used on separate clothes
  8. An ironing smooth table to make clothes that are dried straighten and folded in the right way with an industrial steam iron
  9. Starch
  10. A garment conveyor to hang washed clothes
  11. Wooden shelves
  12. Strong transparent nylons for wrapping the clothes

It is also advisable to employ 2-3 people to run the business under you for a fast and good job.


Below contains the current price list in Nigeria today as it concerns dry cleaning.


FABRICS/WEARS                                                                  PRICE(N)

Tie                                                                                                           N80

Shirt                                                                                                        N150

Shirt with anger                                                                                    N200

Trouser                                                                                                   N200

Suite                                                                                                         N500

Safari suit                                                                                               N350

Native wear(Buba and agbada)                                                          N800

Jeans                                                                                                        N200

Women native                                                                                        N250

Men native                                                                                              N250

Shirt and blouse                                                                                      N250

Small bed sheet                                                                                       N200

Large bed sheet                                                                                       N300

Blanket duvet                                                                                           N500

Small Towel                                                                                               N150

Medium Towel                                                                                          N250

Large Towel                                                                                                N300

Wedding gown                                                                                           N2500

Full aso-oke wear                                                                                       N500

Little bride gown                                                                                         N300

Pyjamas                                                                                                        N150

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Native cap                                                                                                     N150

Socks                                                                                                              N60 each pair

Singlet                                                                                                                N100

Sweater                                                                                                              N300


Above are the current laundry price list in Nigeria.

How to Market your Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

The aim of every dry cleaning business owner is to make their business profitable. This can be done with the aid of proper marketing. Once you are able to market your laundry and dry cleaning business very well, it will become an automatic profitable venture.

There are factors that would affect your dry cleaning business marketing, and they can either make or mar the business. The factors include;

  • Competition
  • Location
  • Capital
  • Staff Strength
  • Pricing

If you don’t have all the above in great numbers, you might play second fiddle to higher competitors. We have the giants of any industry sector, of which most of them have lots of financial power.

The only way you can actually penetrate the market is via the last point – Pricing.

Once you are able to beat your price ridiculously down, you might start gaining clients here and there.

These are the ways to market your laundry and dry cleaning business;

how to advertise your dry cleaning business in Nigeria

Advertise your dry cleaning business online

  • Quality Service
  • Improved marketing: You can utilize all the available channels – both online and offline
  • Price reduction
  • Run promotions: E.g. Wash 5 and get 1 free.
  • Network with rich people

In conclusion, the dry cleaning business in Nigeria is very profitable. It is advisable to start small, acquire customers, and then move big. Once you are able to acquire a large number of clients as a small business, it becomes easier for you to migrate and get heavier machinery to improve your laundry business.

I will willing to give out the business plan on how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria PDF. So if you want it, you can subscribe and I will send it to you. Just type in your email below.

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