How to Get Cash From a Stolen Credit Card [Latest Updates]

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Last Updated on January 11, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

How to use a stolen credit card to get cash

The first thing you think of once you get hold of a credit card that isn’t yours is “how do I get cash from it”. Frankly speaking, it is pretty difficult if you don’t have the fundamental knowledge of carding. In this post, I will show you how to use a stolen credit card to get cash.

To get cash from a stolen credit card is possible if you card items on e-commerce stores and later resell them at a lesser price. If you are scared of divulging your home address, then you should make use of a drop service.

But this isn’t a straightforward process and requires some technicalities attached. That it is complex doesn’t mean it is impossible. The aim of this post is to break down the steps that allow you to use a stolen credit card to get cash.

Once you get continuous access to credit cards, using this process, you can be making over $20,000 monthly – which isn’t bad for passive income. Let’s get to details on how to turn credit cards into cash.

How to Check Credit Card Health before Cash Out

This is the first step to take before you decide to get cash from a stolen credit card. If you sell a dead credit card, you might be considered a ripper and dealt accordingly. So before you cash out stolen credit card, you must first check for its validity.

There are many sites on the internet that claims to verify if a credit card is dead or alive, but they charge about $0.001 depending on the website. Many of these sites kill the credit card, so don’t use such.

You can also find tools online to check the status of a credit card, but the majority of them are a backdoor for the Trojan virus, so it is also advisable not to use such tools.

But here are some legitimate ways to check the status of a credit card;

Buy P*0rn Membership

Log into a P*0rn website

Choose a membership package that suits you. Alternatively, you can decide to pay for a single movie show.

Most premium P0*rn websites charge a little amount as a trial fee, this would enable you to detect if the credit card can be used to get cash.

Use the Skype Method

If the idea of visiting a p0*rn website disgusts you – of which I can’t figure out why then you can use the skype method to detect the status of a credit card. Here are the steps;

Log into your skype account and call on Magic number +18005xx5633 (masked). You will connect to voicemail (lady’s voice). Immediately, start entering the credit card number, and the lady’s voice will stop automatically.

After entering the phone number, then proceed to enter the expiry date of the card in this format [MM/YY]

If the credit card status is live, the voicemail will say something like “Thanks for calling, we really appreciate your business, since you are calling for the first time, we would like to connect you to…” then you can hang the call and know that your card is good to go!

But if the credit card has been blocked or declined, the voicemail prompt would ask you to renter your credit card details. You can repeat the process for as many times as possible.

Summary: You’d need a good internet connection for Skype Calls.

How to Cash Out Stolen Credit Card


How to use a stolen credit card to get cash


Once you have access to a credit card, don’t delay a bit, and do the following within the next 30 minutes (that’s the time period before it is blocked or canceled by the victim’s bank). Here we go…

Sell the Card Details

This is the safest way to use a stolen credit card to get cash. It doesn’t matter the type of card you have, just sell the details and get paid via PayPal or Payoneer. Wire-transfers can’t work because of the confidential nature of this transaction.

If you are interested in a legit platform that can buy your card details, then the Smart Lazy Hustlers platform offers you such an opportunity. All you need is to contact the admin by sending an email to the following email address => [email protected]. The admin of the platform will respond almost immediately and negotiate a deal.

Summary: Please make sure the card is alive before looking to sell the credit card details.

Buy Bitcoins Online

This is quite technical because most bitcoin purchase websites require you to submit a KYC [Know Your Customer] verification before you are given an opportunity to purchase bitcoin.

But you can easily create a fake identification card and use it to show proof of ownership. Most bitcoin websites don’t connect with your bank, so it is practically impossible to figure out who owns the credit card being used.

All you have to do is pay a designer to create a fake identification card, which you upload to the system, and have access to purchase bitcoins easily.


Alternatively, you can purchase several altcoins – which might not come with so much verification, keep it for a while and convert to bitcoins.

Swipe at a Local Store without Surveillance

Before swiping at a local store, make sure there are no cameras, or else you might risk getting caught. If you have a physical credit card, you can use a mule to make purchases and pay them off.

Card Gadgets Online and Resell

Carding means using the credit card details you have to shop online illegally and buy lots of electronics like iPhones, Electronic gadgets, and many others. The aim isn’t to use them for your personal use but to resell immediately. This is how to use a stolen credit card to get cash.

Buying things like gadgets online with a stolen credit card is a tricky game, so you must know the ins and outs of carding. This is to enable you to avoid getting caught and prosecuted by the authorities for credit card fraud, which comes with a huge penalty.


So from what we’ve seen so far, selling the credit card details is the easiest way to use a stolen credit card to get cash. You can sell it on a website like Smart Lazy Hustler, and get paid upon confirmation of the details you sent across.

Remember to protect yourself and remain anonymous online while looking to cash out a stolen credit card.

If you have questions, don’t forget to drop them using the comment section and I will respond accordingly. Stay cool and keep the hustle going.



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