Venmo Carding and Cashout Method

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Howdy, Hustler? I just discovered that the Venmo carding and cashout method is still working currently, which I am sharing every step with you.

Venmo carding and cashout method

Venmo is one of the best cardable sites presently. The reason why carders prefer Venmo carding even over Carding Western Union and carding MoneyGram is that it does not require a tedious process, and you can card Venmo using various methods.

PayPal owns Venmo, and the method of carding Venmo is almost similar to PayPal carding and cashout.

Moreover, you can cashout Venmo with bank logs similar to cashing out bank logs with Western Union.

Meanwhile, if you are new to carding, you may read my carding guide for beginners.

In the meantime, let’s get started with the Venmo carding method in the sections below.

History of Venmo Carding

Venmo has a modern history because it is a current mobile payment service developed in the 2000s.

Venmo CC cashout

It is a mobile payment service founded in 2009, which is quite recent, compared to the founding date of Western Union and MoneyGram.

PayPal owns the mobile payment service, and it supports transactions in the US only, just like Cash App. I have written about the Cash App carding which you might be interested in.

In 2018, Venmo handled about $12 billion worth of money transactions, which is excellent for a mobile payment service founded in 2009.

To send or receive money via Venmo, you need SSN and other documents to verify your identity. As a hustler, you can collect bank details from a client or buy a CC from the black market for carding Venmo.

Note, however, and you can only spend $3,000 on Venmo weekly. So, if you collect many CCs, you can card more money in one day comfortably.

Requirements to Card Venmo

In this section, I expose the tools or requirements needed to card Venmo. Without the appropriate carding tools, carding Venmo will fail.

Below are the requirements for carding Venmo:


It is not new that as an illegal hustler, you must remain anonymous on the internet always.

You never know which agency is tracking your activities and when they will come for you. Also, a VPN tricks the Venmo servers you reside in the US since Venmo is developed for mobile payment in the US only.

Get a free VPN or a paid VPN with the US servers and connect to the state on the CC details. By the way, the VPN must not be connected to the exact state registered on the CC necessarily.

New Email Address

You need at least 3 email addresses to card Venmo successfully. I have written an article regarding how to create multiple Gmail accounts.

Typically, carders use Gmail because it hides the sender IP from the email recipient. So, Google helps to hide your IP from Venmo servers.

You may also signup on for other email services such as ProtonMail, GMX Mail, and Yahoo! Mail.

SSN and Source of ID

Like other carding methods that involve mobile payments, Venmo requires SSN and ID verification. I assume that the SSN is part of the CC details you purchased. Otherwise, contact the vendor for the SSN if you paid for CC fullz.

You need a source of ID such as a drivers license. Since you may not be residing in the US, you have to create a fake driving license to bypass ID verification on Venmo.

Venmo Mobile App

Venmo carding method

Venmo App


If you do not reside in the US, you will be unable to download the Venmo mobile app on app stores such as Google Play and Apple App Store. However, you can use a VPN to bypass the limitation.

You can also use third-party app stores like,, and to download Venmo .apk (Android OS) or and for .ipa (iOS).

Virtual Phone Number

Whether you reside in the US or not, you need a virtual phone number for the registration of your Venmo account. If you live in the US and sign up with your US phone number, you could be tracked.

So, use a virtual US phone number available online. Two of the websites I can recommend is VirtualPhone and Easyringer.

How to Card Venmo

In this section, I reveal the steps to card Venmo successfully.

How to card Venmo

Latest Venmo Cashout Money

Below are the steps regarding the Venmo carding and cashout method:

Method 1

Create an Account

First, you must open an account with Venmo. Although Venmo is not supported in other countries, you can still visit the site without a VPN and sign up. Nevertheless, you could be barred from accessing the site, which means getting a VPN.

But I recommend enabling a VPN while signing up. To sign up on Venmo, download the Venmo app, as I mentioned above. It would be best if you had a VPN to download the app from popular app stores like Google Play and Apple Store. Or you get the app from third-parties as mentioned above.

You can open all three accounts at once or wait to open them in batches. Sign up with the CC details, your email address, and virtual phone number.

Verify Account

For the Venmo carding method to work, you must verify your account.

Now, sign into the Venmo account, click the Menu option, navigate Settings » Identity Verification, and complete account verification.

Like I mentioned earlier, you need a document such as a fake drivers license to complete the verification. Since you have CC fullz, make sure to edit the fake ID with the exact information on the CC. You must also arrange the name of the person on the fake ID the same way it is registered on the CC.

Note: You can link up to 3 cards (debit and credit) after verifying your identity.

If you skipped adding the CC details while signing up, sign in to the account, click the menu icon, go to » Settings » Payment Methods » Add Bank or Card » Card,» and enter the CC details such as CVV, card number, and expiry date.

Create New Email

While opening the Venmo account, create a new email address different from the first email address.

Now, pick a mail address to control the $3,000 funds to be sent across (depending on CC balance).

Send Money to New Email

Log in to the Venmo account that you verified and send money to the new email address you just created above. If the CC balance is up to $3,000, you would be able to send up to $3,000.

Since there is no Venmo account registered on the second email, the fund you transferred will not be accessible. So, use the email address to open a new Venmo account to access the funds.

Close First Account

After sending the money, close the first account if you want to send more funds to your bank account immediately and repeat the process above to make it $6,000.

If you want to send another $3,000, create a third Venmo account with a different email address, link the CC details, verify and send the money.

Note: When you close an account, you will resend funds to that account so that the funds will hang there, and when you open an account with the email address and cashout.

Receiving Funds

The money you send to your bank account. Instead of using your primary bank account, I recommend using a bank drop, especially if you do not reside in the US.

Method 2

In this method, we will use bank logs to cashout CC on Venmo.

Typically, the first method may trigger chargebacks because it uses ACH.

Note: ACH transfers can take between 3-5 days to transfer to process, which can cause a chargeback.

When using bank logs to cashout Venmo, it can take up to 2 days.

What Bank logs Look Like


Account Number:


Bank Name:



Additional information may include country, state, city, and ZIP code.


  • A prepaid checking account with bank logs
  • Socks (for staying anonymous)
  • Venmo account
  • Bank drop or your bank account

Below are the steps to follow to card Venmo:

Get a CC with Bank Logs

Visit a site like for CC, preferably a prepaid card with checking and bank logs.

You should be able to activate the prepaid card within 3-5 days. During the activation window, you can deposit money if the registration is successful.

Also, do not make changes to the account during the activation; otherwise, the original account holder will receive the notifications and inform their bank.

Register on Venmo

Follow the process in the first method above to register a Venmo account with the prepaid account details you bought from a site like

You may be asked to verify the Venmo account with DOB and SSN.

Add the Prepaid Checking Account to Venmo

Typically, you have to wait 24 hours to add the prepaid checking account and bank logs on the Venmo account that you registered. After adding the account, verify the account using the prepaid checking account and bank log details.

Load Venmo Balance and Checkout

On the third day, probably, load the Venmo balance, but it should not exceed $11,000.

Note: The original checking account holder is not receiving any notification on what you are doing.

On the fourth day, log into the Venmo account and cash out funds to your prepaid account. If you cash out over $10,000, your prepaid card will return the fund to the Venmo account, and the bank log owner may be notified.

If you perform the procedures as stated in this article, you have carded and cashout Venmo successfully.

When the mail that contains your card reaches your drop, login, and cashout the funds instantly.

Note: The bank logs (name, SSN, DOB, etc.) must match the address you set on your Socks to open the Venmo account.

Finally, do not cashout all the balances to avoid being suspected.


If the Venmo carding and cashout method does not work for you, the CC may have a negative balance or a dead CC.

Before you start the Venmo carding method, confirm that the CC is live by signing up for a premium account.


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