How to Make Money on the Street Very Fast – Top Secrets

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How to make money on the street fast in 11 Different Ways

Have you ever thought about making money on the street? Do you know that it is possible to make money on the street? This article will teach you how to make money on the street fast if you do not have any idea on how to go about it. Just like the cons to make money fast, this post will also show legit ways to make money on the street fast without getting caught. Before then, see how you can get money from your parents every time for free.


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Street Hustles That Pays Fast


Money can be made anywhere you find yourself, on the streets, in your home, and so on. However, making money on the street is one of the fastest ways to get paid when you are in search of money. In making money on the streets, there are illegal and legal ways to get that done. It is essential that you go with the kind of street hustle which is best suitable for you to make your money.

Attempt to make money in our economy of today is very difficult and challenging at the same time. People are, in most cases, left behind in their journey towards making money, while some of them will become successful when they begin the hustle of making money on the street.

To make money on the street involves in-depth dedication, passion, commitment. The most beautiful thing about making money on the street is that you do not need to have any form of investment. Enough of the talk, and let us get down on how to make money on the street fast.

11 Easy Ways to make money on the street fast

Some of the listed ways here might be illegal, so please do well to check out the risk level before you decide to follow any advice listed here. The easy ways to make fast money on the street are;

Entertain People with your Skills

As an individual, if you are outstanding in playing musical instrument or dancing, and you do not have stage fright when performing in front of a crowd, then why not present in front of people on the streets and make money from them. However, if you do not have your musical instrument or you are not a very good dancer, it is best advisable that you go for the proper training or you go to purchase a used musical instrument if you do not have one for yourself.


entertain people and get paid

A Street Entertainer


When you are planning to go and perform on the streets for money, you should go and set up a stand near a busy place to attract the crowds for cash. Make sure that you do not need a permit to set up a position in the place where you wish to perform and make money.

When all of the things above are done, then making money is not far off. People will begin to pay you for the selfless act you are performing on the streets and may even invite you to play at their parties and pay you after that. Being creative and performing on the streets is one of the best ways to make money on the street fast.

Become a construction worker

This kind of street hustle is not easy for the weak-minded set of people in the world. To make money from this street hustle, you must be willing to work for long hours of the day, and you must also be a strong lad.

In construction works, you get paid each day you complete the job. Someone lazy will find it very difficult to succeed in this type of street hustle. It is relatively impossible for a lazy person to succeed in this street hustle. For someone willing to work and make money on the streets, this is one of the alternative ways to make money on the streets.

Assist People

Assisting people is one of the ways I used to get money when I needed money ASAP. Most times, I visited a local market in my town and helped customers who had no cars to lift their goods. Though this takes a great amount of energy to accomplish, it was also one of the easy ways to make money on the street fast.

All it takes is tactically positioning yourself where people carry their luggage. You would politely offer to help them carry the luggage without bargain for a reward.

The only downside to this is that they might not give you any monetary reward after accomplishing the task. But I bet you that 9 out of 10 people will definitely give you some level of compensation. I earned over $70 a day doing this for people in my small town in Texas, United States.

Become a travel writer

Becoming a travel writer is more like being a correspondent for news media or any form of medium. However, to become a travel writer; you must have some educational qualifications, unlike other types of street hustle that do not require that you have any educational requirements.

You can make tons of money when you travel from one place to another and write about the things you see around and the things which you notice. The only problem you can encounter may be from the start, especially in getting the job.

Meanwhile, when you have fully settled in the post, it will never seem complicated for you again. Away from the work aspect, you can also travel and learn new things from different people around the world. It could serve as a work and as well a fun visit.

Sell farm products

If you are helpful in collecting farm products from a particular place for free, you can make money from them when you go about on the streets selling them. Also, if you are a farmer, you can make money from the farm products you will be producing on your farm by selling the farm products in the markets.

In a country where agricultural products are in high demand, you can never fall short of selling the farm products are making money from them.

Sell Items

If you have some reasonable amount of money to invest and you want to make money on the streets, you should take up the idea of selling items on the streets. The items in which you can sell may range from selling T-shirts, books, jewelry, and so on.



Selling a traffic to make money on the street

A Salesman in Traffic


Meanwhile, in this case, you will need a permit to set up a place where you will be selling the items. Set up a place where you know the rich people reside, and you will inevitably be selling your items daily and be making money as well while you are on the street.

The above hustle types are the right ones you can do and make money from on the streets fast. The below examples of side hustle are illegal, but they are practiced in most parts of the world, and they provide money on the streets fast. They include:

Become a drug dealer (Cannabis and Marijuana)

As an individual who is a street dealer in drugs, you can make tons of money on each operation done on the street. However, the chances of getting shot or killed are also high as well, and that is why this side hustle is not just advisable to get into.

If you want to make money fast from this side hustle, why not travel to a country where certain drugs are legalized, and you will make money from the drugs when you sell them. The medications I am specifically referring to are hard. To get into this side hustle, you must be bold and determined that you will succeed.

Canada is a great country to start selling drugs to make money on the street fast. Cannabis and marijuana are all legalized in Canada, so there is no need to be scared about law enforcement.

Pick people’s pocket

For those set of good at pickpocketing, you can make money from people while on the street. When you go about on the streets, you observe, and then you begin to pickpocket from people. This was also listed as illegal ways to make money, so read the link below for more ideas.

Pickpocketing means stealing for those who may be confused. Meanwhile, in this type of stealing, you will not need destructive items like a knife or gun. It all requires you to be smart when you operate daily on the street.

This street way to make money might not pay you a considerable amount of money, but I bet you that it will guarantee you money fast. However, it is perilous that you could land in jail when you get caught.


This type of side hustle is majorly for the girls, and it will guarantee money for them fast. However, since gays are now beginning to show up around the world, the men are not also left out in this side hustle.


a sex hawker trying to make money on the street fast

An S*x Hawker waiting for customers


For a lady willing to give up her body to a man for pleasure, she can make the right amount of money from the man. However, in this type of side hustle, I am considering that the lady in question is not rich and so cannot afford a home for her immoral job. So she has no option than to stand on the street while looking for any man who is interested in paying to have her for the night.

Purchase Alcohol for teenagers

In certain countries like the US, UK, Canada, and many parts of Europe, there is a strict rule against teenagers drinking alcohol. Also, this is one of the easiest ways on how to make money on the street fast. When a teenager below the age of 18 approaches you to buy them alcoholic drinks, you can take full advantage of this opportunity.

When you get hold of their money, you will then run off with the money, knowing full well that they cannot report to any authority because what they had planned to do is very much illegal. When you are successful in that area, move away, and reside in another city while doing the same thing on the streets.

Sell fake or expired products

As the risk of selling fake or expired products are high, so also the money you stand to gain is also top. When you go about selling fake or expired products for a particular amount of money on the streets, you are defrauding the customers.

However, in this case, the defrauding issue is not clear, and the customer may not even know after paying for the product he/she consumed. The risk is high, like I said earlier, because you stand a chance to get caught by agencies who are against fake or expired products.

I suggest you start selling these products where we have lots of traffic. That way, you can easily sell it to a customer and disappear in seconds.

First, you need to visit a supermarket, then offer to purchase all their expired products for almost little or no price. Repackage the products and sell them wherever you witness traffic in your city. This method of street hustle can make you thousands of dollars in revenue.

Earn Bitcoin

You can earn Bitcoin without investing a penny while on the street. This method does not involve scamming people. So, the police will not come after you. Just click the link above to the guide that shows you how to become rich from Bitcoin without investment.


Making money, whether on the street or off the streets, is not easy. You must be willing to pay the price of hard work and determination in legal and illegal ways of making money on the street fast. This article has touched on the different ways you can make money on the street fast. Do well to share with your friends and keep them informed.


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