what to do when someone owes you money

What to do When Someone Owes You Money and Doesn’t Want to Pay

What to do when someone owes you money but you have no proof

If you’ve been in the streets for a while, you will understand that at some point, shi*s like this will happen. It will come to a point that you are looking for what to do when someone owes you money but no proof, what can you do?

In this post, I will show you some of what to do when someone owes you money but no proof, and they don’t even want to payback too. Trust is necessary when giving out money to friends. In some instances, you are running a business and give out products to people you trust with the hope of getting the money back. At some point when you go back to get your cash, it becomes stories upon stories. The bad side is that you have no proof that you gave them money.


what to do when someone owes you money


I would give you straight advice, never give out any amount you can’t afford to forget when your debtor isn’t cooperating. But if you’ve made the mistake of trusting someone excessively, here is how to get that money back.

If someone owes you money but no proof and doesn’t want to pay, then you have to take the game back to them. I will be showing you some fast and simple methods that have worked for me in the streets. If you are a gentleman and wish to act gentle, then bid your money farewell. If you need the cash, then do what is required if you to do and get your money back.

When someone owes you money but no proof and doesn’t want to pay, then you need to do what is required of you. Let’s look at some options;



What to do when someone owes you money but no proof and doesn’t want to pay

For those with a strong mind, here are some quick ways to get your money back in time.

Involve Thugs


what to do when someone owes you money but you have no proof? Hire a thug

A Professional Thug


This is actually a simpler way to get your money back from someone who owes you money. If you are thinking of what to do when someone owes you money but no proof and doesn’t want to pay back. Thugs will help you do the job of intimidation faster and more efficiently.

Thugs can probably be street touts or some homeless peeps who are looking out for any means to make money. The moment you give them directions on what to do and whom to attack with the prospect of paying them, they can go any length.

Before the use of thugs to intimidate someone into paying you the money they owe you, be sure that they have the money. Someone with your money will be more open to paying than someone who doesn’t have the money to pay back.

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Involving thugs should come with extra caution so that you don’t end up paying for damages. It should just be a simple case of intimidation and threat. It should be verbal so that your debtor won’t have proof too – in case they want to report to the police.

Seize and Destroy their Belongings without Evidence

So when a guy I lent cash to without contracts decided not to pay back, I figured out how to hurt him back. There was no contract agreement showing I borrowed him money. Then he decided not to pay back. Here’s how I collected my money back from him;

I first threatened and bullied him with some homeboys, then he understood I wasn’t there for jokes.

After that, he was still reluctant to paying, then right in the middle of the night, I came around and broke his vehicle windscreen.

Just when he thought I was done, I punctured tires of his vehicle and left him a note saying “remember to pay your debts”. Just as I couldn’t go to the police, he also couldn’t go to the police. I was also ahead of him because I had thugs who could do some dirty jobs for me should decide to become aggressive.

If you are thinking of what to do when someone owes you money but you don’t have proof of such, this is one of the best ways to approach the situation.



Mental Torture

Before writing this post, I have written on some ways to ask someone for money text messages. I am pretty sure your debtor played a fast one on your mental emotional and collected that money from you. Now it is time to return the favor to your debtor.

You will have to mess with their minds through threats, unannounced visits, and disruption of their daily activities, steady calls, and accidental bump-ins.

You can keep sending them text messages like;

“I know where you are right now, what you are doing. How would it feel paying an unannounced visit?”

“Holding on to my money is like holding on to your life, you might not have it for so long”

These simple threats create a kind of mental torture. This is one of the things to do when someone owes you money and doesn’t want to pay up.

Involve their Family

Nobody wants their family entangled in situations that don’t really concern the family – but who cares? A debtor who doesn’t want to pay up should be treated like a criminal. Here’s what to do when someone owes you money but no proof or contract – so they don’t want to pay, drag their family.

In my own case, I went as far as threatening his family and his little kids. I understand that was a cowardice thing to do, but he’s with my money – so no regrets.

If someone is owing you, you must do what it takes to get you the cashback from your debtor. There was no contract, so going to the court or to the police would be a waste of time for you.

These are better ways of making sure that they feel uncomfortable with your money. Also, you mustn’t be a gentleman to implement these tactics – unless you don’t need your money

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Drag them online

If the person has a business or a huge online presence, then you can equally embarrass them online. In most cases, I suggest you inform them of your action and give them an overview of what you intend doing to their personality and their business online.

The aim of informing them is like a threat – so that they weigh the ups and downs of allowing you to carry out your threat.

The best platform to drag someone with a business is either Facebook or Twitter. After making your case, go ahead and beg your followers to retweet and share your message.

If the cash is a huge one you can’t just allow it to slide, you can write bad reviews about them online.




When it comes to what to do when someone owes you money, it is down to quit being a gentleman and play the rough game. No matter what you do, never leave for error to be charged for assault.

If possible, avoid lending people money you can’t afford to lose. That way, you’d be at peace with yourself and happy too.

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