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Popular Whatsapp Scams Anybody Can Do and Make Money [Working 100%]

The WhatsApp messaging platform isn’t new to anyone, this has become the preferred messaging platform between friends who have each other’s contact. But a WhatsApp scammer doesn’t need to be your friend to be able to dupe you. Just like Yahoo formats to make money from clients, we now have WhatsApp scam formats.

Anyone can probably get your contact from either a group chat or any random place. Once they add you to their contacts, they are able to send you a message. Even if you are in a group chat with people who share similar ideas or lifestyle, you can still be a victim of a WhatsApp scammer.

In this brief post, I am going to show you the several scams a WhatsApp scammer might use to take money away from you. There are lots of WhatsApp scams out there, so you probably be wise to identify.

As a hustler, the goal is the make money, take money from people without losing money. Once you lose money unnecessarily, you have broken the code as a hustler. On the other hand, this post will also show you some WhatsApp scams you can try out and know if you can make a little bit of money.


If you stay in a place where authorities can nab you at any point, please make sure you get paid in Bitcoin. Don’t use a bank transfer because your details will be used to nab fast.

So what are the WhatsApp scams that a WhatsApp scammer can probably use to scam you?

Popular WhatsApp Scams by a WhatsApp Scammer

This comes in no order and can be used interchangeably. So whatever your objectives may seem to be, here are the popular WhatsApp scams that are currently being used by hustlers.

Forex Trading Scam on WhatsApp

Now the forex trading scam is becoming more popular and people are falling victims to the scam. It works in a simple way that doesn’t take much to set up. I have had a little bit of success with the scam format, and I got a few clients who paid in money before I stopped the scam.

For the forex trading scam, it starts with opening an account with a Forex platform. This is to allow you to show people a real account that they can believe. For you to convince people pretty well, you show them something that looks real.

Once you operate an account, you can easily find pictures on Google that shows a forex account with a huge income balance. The huge income balance makes your victims believe that you know so well about forex.

Go to WhatsApp groups with a well-crafted sales pitch and drop it right there. Before then, make sure you’ve already created a group where you lecture potential ‘investors’ and make them join your trade.

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WhatsApp scammer message

A Forex Scam Pitch


How you make money?

They will contribute and give to you with the hope that you will help them invest. As soon as they make the payment, delete them out of the group and block them. Make sure you collect money via bitcoin or altcoins only.


Bitcoin Trading WhatsApp Scam

The bitcoin WhatsApp scam is similar to that of Forex. Now the only difference is that payment is made via Bitcoin, which is easy to abscond with.

The step process is the same as that of forex, so it is quite easy to execute if you follow the steps listed up there.

  • Instead of a forex account, you use a bitcoin trading platform.
  • Borrow pictures online to show a huge bitcoin wallet balance
  • Invite people to join your class
  • Ask them to invest and let you help them trade
  • Abscond with their money.

The same process, different formats. It all involves creativity.


Ponzi Scheme WhatsApp scam

How exciting does it sound if you can find a group on WhatsApp where your money can be doubled with ease? Imagine depositing $30 and within 1 hour, you get $60 in return, wouldn’t that be a nice investment?

Imagine now investing $200 and getting $400 in return within 2 hours, this should totally be cool I guess? This is exactly what a WhatsApp scammer makes you feel with the Ponzi WhatsApp scam scheme.

The Ponzi scheme is becoming a popular scam on WhatsApp and many people are falling for it.

Here are the steps to get started if you want to start this scam.

  • Create a group on WhatsApp
  • Craft a well-packaged sales script – picture below;


Ponzi Scheme WhatsApp scam

A Ponzi Scheme Format on WhatsApp



  • Share and distribute it amongst friend and on WhatsApp groups
  • Answer questions from people who might be interested to know more.
  • Collaborate with friends to have multiple usernames of peers

Since Ponzi works by sending help to a peer and receiving help from another peer who wants to invest, you’d need like two friends who can help you at the start. Once you’ve started receiving payments, then you can go ahead to remove and block those who have paid. While you leave the rest who are yet to make payments.


WhatsApp Product Sales Scam

Imagine getting a message on your WhatsApp inbox claiming you can purchase a brand new iPhone 11 pro max for $100. This message comes with reasons why the phone is as cheap as quoted.

You seem interested because the WhatsApp has convinced you that his reason is genuine. Now he tells you that you’d have to pay for the phone to be delivered to you. You become interested and ask for proof that the phone is real and genuine.

Most WhatsApp scammers will show you photographs that look real and even point you to a store – claiming it as theirs. Once you become convinced, you are told to make payment before delivery.

It is quite unfortunate because once you make the payment, your money is gone! Absolutely because it was a real phone and you should have known.

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Next time someone messages you on WhatsApp claiming they have a good deal for you regarding any product, I suggest you neglect the message and move on.

For those interested in making sure that they don’t fall victim to a WhatsApp scammer, here is how to protect yourself.

How to Protect Yourself from a WhatsApp Scammer and WhatsApp Scams

Do your research before buying from a company

Before you buy a product from a company or invest with any company, make sure you carry out thorough research about them. Ask questions from people and look to know if you can see reviews online.

Once you can’t find enough information regarding the organization, I suggest you back out immediately.

Mark ‘Fishy’ Messages from Senders as Spam

Once you look at the message from a stranger to be fishy, don’t overthink it, just mark it as a spam message. If you decide to give it an extra thought, you might be tempted to ask more questions. This would then give the WhatsApp scammer the opportunity to brainwash and convince you.

Every Consider Every Investment Broadcast on WhatsApp to be a Scam

No serious investment company uses WhatsApp as a medium to broadcast their latest investment portfolio. Even in any group, you find yourself, make sure you don’t subscribe and join any investment group.



Now you know how a WhatsApp scammer can rip you off your hard-earned dollars, extra effort should be made before making a financial decision on WhatsApp. Not every WhatsApp message should be considered as a friendly one. There are scammers out there who are ready to rip you off your cash.

There are lots of illegal hustles out there to make money. But for WhatsApp, these are certainly the best.

Till the next post, keep hustling and never lose money!

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