Where Can I Use Amazon Gift Card Besides Amazon?

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Where can I use Amazon gift card besides Amazon? Unfortunately, you cannot use an Amazon gift card on any other website to make purchases at the moment.

where can i use amazon gift card besides amazon

You would find many websites claiming you can but this is false. Some claim that an Amazon gift card can be used on websites that use Amazon Pay, this is also false. Amazon clearly states in their FAQs that you cannot use an Amazon gift card on websites that use Amazon Pay except your credit or debit card.

Can you use an Amazon gift card in other stores?

As mentioned earlier, you can only use an Amazon gift card on Amazon and its related websites, your Amazon gift card does not work on other websites.

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Since you cannot use Amazon Pay on any website to make purchases, at least you should be able to do the following:

  1. Sell your Amazon gift card

First, note that Amazon is against reselling Amazon gift card to any person or organization. The penalty for this is that Amazon can stop you from redeeming the card.

But then, it is not very easy for Amazon to detect when a gift card has been purchased. You can sell your Amazon gift card on various websites including:

  • Craigslist. On Craigslist, you are dealing with someone you do not know, so you want to be careful not to get scammed. It is risky but you have no choice since you need the money to use on a different platform.
  • eBay. Like Craigslist, you have to list your Amazon gift card for sale. Include the gift card value so that any potential buyer knows what to expect. You also want to list a reasonable price, sometimes you have to list your Amazon gift card for sale at a discounted rate.
  • Facebook Market. The Facebook Market is another platform to sell your Amazon gift card. It works just like eBay and Craigslist. You can also take advantage of Facebook groups where you are a member. Perhaps, you will more trusted users you can trust not to default.

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Apart from these three, there are numerous platforms like this in your geographical location. Ensure to select the best you can trust to sell your Amazon gift card.

Of course, you should expect lowballing from these websites. The problem with selling your Amazon gift card via websites like these is ‘trust’. You want to trust your buyer as well as get them to trust you.

Do not publish your Amazon gift card code until you have an agreement with a buyer. Use a secure payment option. You should also have a video or voice call session with the buyer.

  1. Buy Amazon Prime membership

Your Amazon gift card allows you to buy an Amazon Prime membership. You are charged the same value or cash equivalent. You can also renew your existing Amazon Prime membership to continue enjoying prime benefits.

It appears you do not want to have anything doing with Amazon, so consider other options below.

  1. Gift it to someone

You can gift your Amazon gift card to someone you know would need it to make a purchase on Amazon. This is a case of not leaving the gift card to waste, so another person uses it for the purpose it is designed for.

The perfect time to gift your Amazon gift card would be during special events such as birthdays, or any other celebratory occasion. You might want to explain to the recipient that they cannot use the said gift card outside Amazon.

  1. Trade for another gift card

Can I use my Amazon gift card at Whole Foods

You may be able to trade your Amazon gift card for another gift card you can use on another website. Note that this will not work on the Amazon website. Amazon will not allow you to buy another gift card using your Amazon gift card.

You try out any website that supports exchanging your Amazon gift card for another brand of gift card. Of course, the transaction will involve the same gift card value. For instance, if you have $200 worth of an Amazon gift card, you are exchanging for another $200 worth of a gift card.

You do not want Amazon to be aware of any exchange, otherwise, they will prevent the card from being redeemable.

  1. Sell on an online community/forum

Like eBay, Facebook Market, Craigslist, etc., you can sell your Amazon gift card via an online forum or community. This includes Reddit or any online community you frequently use. Regarding Reddit, search for any SubReddit for gift card exchange. There are many of them, use Google or any other search engine to access a variety of them.

You also want to be careful with the people you transact with. A video or voice call is important to tell a scammer from an authentic buyer.

The buyer does not also trust you, so you have to explain that you cannot use your Amazon gift card on other websites besides Amazon, so you have to sell it for cash or another available gift card.

  1. Exchange Amazon gift card for cash on Gameflip

Gameflip allows you to list your Amazon gift card for sale. As mentioned earlier, it is against Amazon’s policy to sell or exchange Amazon gift cards, so you want to be careful here.

GAmeflip is secure, you only have to enter the Amazon gift card balance for intending buyers. The payment options include check, PayPal, ACH and you can also trade your Amazon gift card for another gift card you can use on a different website.

Gameflip works as an escrow between you and the buyer. The buyer makes a payment which is withheld. When they confirm the transaction, you will receive the money into your preferred account. Of course, you will pay commission for the service which is worth it as you will not get scammed.

Note that you must not redeem the Amazon gift card code via your Amazon account, otherwise, you cannot trade it on Gameflip.

  1. Exchange Amazon gift card for cryptocurrency

Can you use an Amazon gift card in other stores

You can exchange your Amazon gift card for cryptocurrency on websites such as Coincola, Paxful, Prestmit, LocalBitcoins, etc. The list is endless, so you can use the comment section for more suggestions.

First, you have to sign up on the website of your choice. Let us say you are using Paxful.com, visit the website and create an account with them. You can navigate the website as a guest for the best deal before you sign up. If you already have an account with them, great.


This is a peer-to-peer option, and the website will protect you from getting scammed. This means that the cryptocurrency you are buying will be on hold until the buyer confirms that the Amazon gift card works.

When you start a trade, a live chat opens up. You negotiate with the buyer and proceed with the transaction.

  1. Buy on Amazon for someone and get paid

Since you do not need the Amazon gift card which restricts you to Amazon shopping, you can buy for another person and get paid for it. Find out a friend or family member who needs to buy on Amazon. Offer to handle the transaction through your account using your Amazon gift card.

You will be responsible for the entire shipping process though. If the person is not satisfied with the product and seeks a refund, everything is on you. So, you have to go through the process of seeking a refund. You could allow them access to your Amazon account.

Meanwhile, you may be interested in the trick to do Amazon refund.

Can you use an Amazon gift card at Walmart?

You cannot use an Amazon gift card at Walmart. However, your Amazon gift card will work for Amazon services such as Amazon Prime, Kindle books, and Fire Stick. Perhaps, since Walmart is a major Amazon competitor, it does not make sense for them to accept Amazon gift cards as a payment option, Amazon would not do the same.

Can I use my Amazon gift card at Whole Foods?

You cannot use an Amazon gift card at Whole Foods even though it belongs to Amazon. Perhaps, this confirms that as the name “Amazon gift card” implies, you can only use it on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

We can conclude that an Amazon gift card is designed for Amazon.com. Therefore, using the gift card outside Amazon is not advisable. Also, be careful of the exchange website you use, make sure the reviews on the website is tangible. Some phishing websites can steal, redeem and use the Amazon gift card for themselves.

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