How to Card on [Complete Tutorial Guide]

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Last Updated on January 19, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

Wish Carding Method 2021

Today, I bring yet another fantastic carding method; the unrivaled Wish carding method. You didn’t miss the basic carding tutorial that exposes the secret in the carding industry, did you?

I can bet my balls that only a few hustlers know about the Wish e-commerce. The reason is that has not been advertising enough, except during the debut of the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe the reason is that their market is quite large. Yes, currently houses over 500 million active traders. The number will hit over 1 billion before 2030, which means excess money. Imagine carding only 100,000 people on Wish. Within the next few years, you would have become a U.S. dollar-rich millionaire.

This Wish carding tutorial is quite different from other carding tutorials; it includes having to buy a cracked Wish account. Never to worry, I will disclose everything you should know about the latest Wish carding method.


This article only discloses how to card to the general public for awareness. The author and the website does not encourage the act of carding

About Wish Market

introducing wish market

The Wish Market Platform

Before 2011, Wish existed as ContextLogic, a subsidiary of Google. Piotr Szulczewski started Wish in 2011. The company created an app with several intending buyers matched with merchants willing to deliver the items. During this period, many carders worldwide, including Russians, Indians, Americans, and the Chinese, also signed up for the Wish market. Eventually, top merchants, even till today, host their products on Wish, and the company earns through trader’s commission.

The success story started in 2017 when Wish partnered with Los Angeles Lakers, a basketball club. In 2018, their World Cup campaign featured your favorite players like Neymar Jr, Paul Pogba, Gareth Bale, Van Persie, Buffon, etc. The Wish app downloads also became the highest downloaded e-commerce app, and the revenue increased to $1.9 billion in the same year. In 2019, the revenue of Wish hit $11.2 billion, thanks to the Series H ‘funding round’ by General Atlantic.

Wish Carding Requirements

Unlike several fake carding sites, I prefer to guide people following reasonable steps. In this section, I list the requirements to card successfully.

Wish Account

It is not surprising that a Wish account is one of the requirements. What you should know is that you can’t use an ordinary Wish account to card You must crack the Wish account, and if you do not know how to crack a Wish account, you can buy one. A cracked Wish account is not costly; you can get it between $10 to $15.

how to log in to

How to set up an account

VPN or Socks5

A working VPN is a solution to staying anonymous regarding the Wish carding method. I recommend using a premium VPN service. If not possible, you can use Socks5 to connect anonymously. Socks5 is free, but you have to configure the tool in your Firefox browser. If you don’t know how to configure Socks5 properly, let me know.

PC/Mobile Phone

I prefer using a PC for carding because it is convenient. Before using a PC, make sure to disable location services. Otherwise, Microsoft or Apple, depending on your operating system, will easily track your activities. If you are using a mobile phone, I recommend an Android mobile phone. It should cost about $15 to get an Android phone with at least 1 Gigabyte of RAM. Moreover, you have to root the Android phone using KingRoot or any other alternative.

Live CC Fullz

You can buy live CC fullz from me or any reputable dark web forum. You have to careful because you can’t trust anybody on the dark web. Endeavor to use an escrow for any dark web transaction and expect the escrow to get a commission. Note that the escrow must be the admin or mod in the forum.

Note: The CC must be a non-verified visa (non-VBV).

Meanwhile, CC fullz is not a requirement. If you can get a correct CC fullz, there is no problem. But, I will show you the Wish carding method without CC.

Drop Address

The drop is the place the Wish item will land. If you live in India, for example, you can card an item to America. A carder in America will then forward the item to India at a little or no cost.

Email Address

If you are carding with CC, you require an email address regarding the Wish carding tutorial. Do not use a burner, disposable, or temporary email address for carding. Nonetheless, you may use the email services of Google or Yahoo. I prefer Google to Yahoo because Google hides the IP address of email senders. So, your IP will not be sent to if you use Google. I do not know whether Yahoo hides the sender’s IP address.

Latest Wish Carding Method without CC

  1. Make or Buy Cracked Wish Account
  2. Log On to
  3. Log in Again and Place Order
  4. Change Shipping Address
  5. Receive Order

Make or Buy Cracked Wish Account

If you can’t crack a Wish account, you can buy it. Scroll down, and you will find that I have disclosed how you can crack the Wish account with a balance. It is not very easy to achieve, but it is achievable. Just try cracking a Wish account first before buying.

Log On to

Your IP address must point to the location of the account owner. If you log in with a different IP, the Wish bots may detect invalid activities in your account. Once you are blacklisted, it will cancel your account when you place an order. So, add a few items to the cart and do not exceed $100. For a beginner, I recommend a $50 limit to avoid detection. Now, log out of the account and clear the browser cache.

Log in Again and Place Order

After an hour, log in again. By this time, Wish would have deleted your login data from their database. Find the item(s) you most prefer and proceed to place an order. Wish will process the order immediately and will bomb the email of the account holder. When you are about to place an order, you may find Checkout instead of Place Order. Simply log out and clear the browser cache. Log in again with a different IP address, and you should be able to place an order.

Change Shipping Address

After placing an order, change the shipping address to drop shipping address. has Express and Standard shipping. The Express shipping will take between 5 to 8 days, while standard shipping can take up to 2 weeks or 3 weeks. Request for Express shipping so that Wish will ship the item(s) very fast.

wish carding method

How to change your delivery address

Receive Order

Wherever you are receiving the item from – drop or direct, the courier may ask for identification. Even a fake ID will be okay.

How to Crack Wish Account with Balance

Disable VPN

Regarding how to crack a Wish account in the Wish carding method, you must disable your VPN and enable proxy. You do not require a VPN for the programs to run.

Disable Antivirus

If you have software like AVG and Avast, you can disable them temporarily. Also, check and disable firewalls on your PC.

Install the Software (Read Down for Link)

  • Install and extract the files. Open Slayer Leech and insert keywords in the black box titled ‘keywords.’ (keyword.txt file provided)
  • Click the icon next to ‘search settings’ and tick all options.
  • Select Weekly next to Resultats.
  • Press Start and wait for Resultats to go to a high number. You can click Stop if it freezes at the same number for over 5 minutes.
  • Click Stop.
  • Then click Filtring.
  • Click Grab.
  • After that, then click Pass to Leecher, and it will automatically move to the next page.
  • Set the threads to 63 and make sure it reads “Email: Password combo” next to Result Type.
  • Allow all links to be used up and click Start.
  • Press Remove Duplicates and save Resultats to desktop.
  • Go to the net and download a proxy list. Take note of the proxy type – HTTPS, SOCKS4, or SOCKS5.
  • Extract the file and save it to the desktop.
  • Open account checker in the .zip file.
  • Check the proxy you downloaded and load the proxy file.
  • Load the file that you saved in the beginning with your Resultats into the “load combo” option.
  • Set the threads to 63, click Start, and wait.

When the process is complete, the account will appear on the right-hand side of your PC screen. You can equally check the Result folder for the account.

Download the software from

How to Use Cracked Wish Account without Ban

One major problem with a cracked Wish account is that they will ban your account. It happens that immediately you place an order, will ban your account, or they will wait until after 15 minutes. Nobody loves this sad news, which is why I want to expose a simple solution.

Note: Wish only bans users when they suspect illegal activities. So, you have to make your actions look real.

The Solution

You need the HQ proxy of the same location you are buying from Make sure you don’t change the address before purchasing. After purchasing the item, change the address to your address. In essence, just use region-specific combos and proxies to trick

How to Get HQ Proxies for Free

There are various ways to obtain free HQ proxies of specific regions, but I will show you two working methods.

Method One

You will visit This website uses the Russian language, which means you may need a translator if you are not Russian. Google Chrome can automatically translate the Russian website to English or any other language. However, I do not recommend Google Chrome because of privacy reasons.

Google will track you and store your information, which is why I advise people against using Chrome for carding. If you need a reliable way to visit without using Chrome for translation, use the comment section.

When you visit the site, they will give you access to free hq proxies trial for 30 minutes. To activate the proxies, simply provide your Telegram authentication and type in your number. Soon, you will receive a notification on Telegram. Agree to the terms, revisit the website, and click Activate. You should see a URL like

Open the URL, and you will see different proxies. Check the menu of your key, and you should find several IP addresses, such as 127.0.0. Now, click the second button for your IP to appear. When your IP appears, it means that your IP and proxies are running for 30 minutes.

Method Two

Visit Select Residential Packet on the site and request a free test packet. Go to Telegram and message @RSocks that you intend to subscribe to their product, but that you need to test their reliability. Provide the details they will require, and the free access will become active. Note that it will last for one hour.

Pro Tip: Create a fake Telegram account when requesting free hq proxies. Also, you can request multiple times by using different IP addresses.

Why You Should Card Wish Website

Below are the reasons why you should card

Independent Sellers houses independent sellers, which means it is effortless to card the platform. Sites with dependent sellers are tight due to the extra security layers.

Cheap Shipping Cost

Items below 2kg are very cheap to ship. On some occasions, you can ship items without making payments.

Poor and Counterfeit Products

Some of the products on Wish are not high quality. Thus, agencies do not pay much attention to the marketing activities on Wish. Moreover, most of the items arrive from China, but it does not mean that China supplies counterfeit items. You can even card the best product for as low as $5.

Lack of Communication from Seller and Quality

There is no healthy communication system between sellers and However, the company has launched a review of the relationship existing between buyers and sellers on the platform. Nonetheless, supervision innovation is not very effective.

You Can Purchase Illegal Items

One of the websites to purchase illegal items is You can even order a gun, banned items, and several other products that are not legal in your country. Interestingly, will package the illegal item in a very commendable manner.


Is Wish a safe place to card? Find out whether it is safe to card Wish successfully.


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