5 Best Yahoo Dating Sites for Yahoo Guys to Bomb US Clients

The best yahoo dating sites to get clients

So from my experience, I will be showing you the best yahoo dating sites to get your clients. All clients are the same, but clients from USA, Canada, Australia are among the best. The reason is because they are the ones that have the most money to spend. So if you are looking for where to get these types of clients, then this yahoo boy dating site post is for you.

I a going to make this post very short and sweet, so that you can understand.

One of the questions every new yahoo boy asks is

“How can I get clients? or which is the best yahoo dating site to get clients”

I just hope this post will be able to answer some of those questions and get you started as fast as possible.

There are so any site to gain client, but the fact is that the website owners are updating their sites with the latest security software to weed out G-boys like us. I will also be listing out some of the sites too, while I drop suggestions on how you can also avoid some of these security barriers and start bombing your clients.

yahoo boy dating site

Tools you need to get a Good Yahoo Dating Site

To get a good dating site is not an easy task. There are several tools that you need to accomplish that and make sure that you are never kicked out.

I will list them out in order of priority and importance.

Nord VPN

This is one of the strongest VPN that is readily available for G-boys to do their job. Most of the other VPNs are expensive and also not reliable at some point.

The reason a VPN is used in a dating site is because of our IP address. Once you log onto the internet, your computer is given an automatic IP address depending on your location.

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Since our location is Nigeria, most dating sites don’t allow us to join their dating sites because they know that we will scam them (who cares by the way?)

Our aim is to make our location seem like we are in the United States, so we will make use of the Nord VPN to route our location to US.

Through that means, we are allowed to the dating sites to do what we want to do.

ID Generator

Most yahoo boys who use the military dating format or the normal yahoo dating format don’t know that  conflicting personal profiles on most dating sites can make them to ban you from the dating site.

So to avoid this, what I do  is to use the ID generator to bring up real names and location of people in the United States  and then use their profile.

With that, I can create a genuine profile that will make it look like I am real. You can use this website to generate your fake IDs, including your Card details.

A Good Laptop

You can’t use a phone and do all these, so you need a laptop. You don’t even need a sophisticated laptop, you just need an average laptop that can allow you attach all these tools while working. Since you will be actively searching for many yahoo boy dating site, your laptop will help you.

Your laptop gives out a static IP address, but the phone IP is dynamic- which will make the burst you on any dating site. So please go out and get a laptop – you can see some laptops for just #25,000 Naira.

So what are the best yahoo dating sites to get clients?

I will list out the few making sense yahoo dating sites to get clients, but you can go ahead later on to figure out the rest because it isn’t hard to find.

Some sites on my list can even surprise you – because you aren’t expecting them. So what are the names of these dating sites to bomb US clients?


This sites has one of the best security on earth, but it is still one of the best dating sites out there. I call it one of the best because you are going to meet legit clients.

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So if you have an active Nord VPN, you can be able to penetrate and start bombing clients. Since this is one of the best dating sites with a very good security, it is clear that there are few scammers on the sites. Unlike other yahoo dating sites that you will meet your fellow yahoo guys in high quantity, this site won’t allow that – especially the upcoming G-boys.

OkCupid takes my number 1 position.


Facebook Groups/Pages

A dating site mustn’t be called a dating site first before you know it is a dating site. Facebook and groups and pages are one of the best place to get real clients.

The real issue concerning trying to open a new Facebook group/Page is because Facebook will always block your account. I then did a survey and figured out why Facebook will always block your account once you open it.

Then I decided to write about how to create a Facebook account without getting blocked. So if you follow the steps that I outlined, you will see that your Facebook profile can’t be blocked.


Most people will scream “how is that even possible?”

I guess you must have seen people falling in love with themselves on twitter and later getting married after many days or year? Everything should concern you except getting married – unless you want green card.

The steps are quite simple to getting clients from Twitter. But first of all, you should know how Twitter works and have good knowledge about using it as a Yahoo dating site.

How I use Twitter to get clients?

See my steps here;

  • I create a new profile with a foreign personality
  • I follow Celebrities from United States
  • I follow some people that comment on their tweets
  • I make friends
  • I send them DMs and hope they respond
  • I build up my relationship
  • Before I start working with my format.

It isn’t a must that the country must be US, but I prefer united states to other countries personally (they get money pass others).


If you are looking for another some good yahoo dating sites to bomb US clients, then you should look at eHarmony. It is another tough site with a high population of US citizens.

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Their security is also tight to limit the number of scammers on the platform. If you are able to gain entrance, then be sure that you will get a good client as soon as possible.

You have to make sure that your profile is sweet and authentic. This will make other people on the website to believe you and your stories.


This is another good yahoo dating site and I will be writing about it very soon. You can go ahead and make your own research about the site. Before you go ahead to make research, make sure you have a solid VPN that will enable you gain access into the site.

Just stick around for when I will update this page with more information regarding POF dating site.

All the same, there are general rules to observe while using dating sites for Yahoo and they are;

Rules for Getting Clients on Yahoo Dating Sites

  1. Make sure your picture is beautiful/Handsome – so that people will love you faster
  2. Complete your profile 100% to make it look real
  3. Get pictures from Instagram; google can’t access it, so nobody will know where you stole the picture from.
  4. Never be too desperate
  5. Always make friends with your clients on the dating site before you move them down to Whatsapp or anywhere else that is convenient for you.

I will be bringing more rules that can help you get clients easily on Yahoo dating sites, so make sure you follow them. If you haven’t subscribed, make sure you do!

If you have any question, drop them and I will answer.

Please share this post on social media and I will add the highest sharer to my yahoo Whatsapp group.

Stay safe and avoid SARS as a yahoo boy!


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