The Best Gee Formats to Avoid Video Calling [Update!!!!]

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Last Updated on July 10, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

Best Yahoo formats to avoid video call

Every hustler wants yahoo formats to avoid video calls. The first obstacle you have to face when you are using some of these yahoo formats I listed here is that your client will start requesting a video call. Maybe just because they are getting emotionally involved with you, or they want to make sure you aren’t a scammer.

Sometimes you run out of excuses, and it starts getting suspicious that you aren’t who you say you are. Then boom! After a while, they block you because you can’t prove yourself.

This happens all the time and most hustlers miss good clients because of situations like this. But in truth, your client requested a video call because they didn’t find you so interesting and intriguing. They weren’t convinced that you are real, so the best thing they needed to do was a request for a video call.

But I will show you some good yahoo formats to avoid video calls from any client and always put you in the driving seat of the discussion. I wouldn’t advise you to use the dating billing format, because it would attract video calls.

Why You Should Avoid Video Calls

In fact, once your client thinks of video calling you, then your game is almost over. You can do practically nothing to avoid it once your client starts thinking of how-to video call you.

Most times the video call comes as a result of boredom or lack of trust. In the case of boredom, you can always maneuver your way, but for how long?

Avoiding video calling will make your job easier because there won’t anything that would cause a lack of trust.

Basically, you don’t even have a way to defend the video call, so that shouldn’t be an option.

So let’s explore our other options.

Five Yahoo Formats to Avoid Video Calls

yahoo format to avoid video call

Military Contractor/Personnel

This format might look over-flogged, but it still works and works very well. A lot of people who uses this format might not have an idea how to present it, but it’s a good yahoo format to avoid video call.

As a military contractor in the Middle East or Africa, you are on a secret mission and wouldn’t like to expose your phones while doing video calls.

One of the best ways is to let your client know that your conversation with them will be discreet, so they shouldn’t expect you to open up soon about yourself.

Let them know that you will soon be back and they will see you physically and enjoy every bit of you.

US Spy

The Spy job works perfectly, and you should be aware of recent happening before using this format.

They’ve sent you on a special operation somewhere in Africa, and your job is to gather information about something. Your phone is tapped and you are being monitored 24/7, but the job is killing you and not giving you time to find love.

Inform your client that you need to get emotional with someone at this stage of your life, and it might be her. The only limitation is that you won’t be so open about yourself till you come back to the United States or United Kingdom – whichever one.

Then you can use Gold Investment format or Parcel delivery format to bill her and collect money. This is also a good yahoo format to avoid video calls and still bill your client perfectly.

Oil Rig Format

As an oil rig engineer using the oil rig format, you can copy the format here, you are offshore and need to focus on your job. You aren’t even allowed to bring phones on board, but you had to because you needed love and the urge to commit to someone.

Tell them that you will stay onshore for the next 6 months and visit them once you come back.

Inform your client that you might not have the chance to chat all the time – because of work. But once you retreat to your bed, you will always text them.

Inform them that you have a limited network here, and you can only text and wait for it to deliver.

Voice notes, video calls, and other forms of media sharing apart from pictures won’t certainly work.

This is a perfect yahoo format to avoid video calls and bill your client good.

How to Avoid Video Calls while Chatting

Inform your client that you can’t really do things like video calls while chatting with them. And it is solely because you traveled for a specific reason and you need to get it done before any form of pleasure.


Let your clients know that the video calling network in your new location is bad.

You can immediately let them know that you lost your phone and would only have access to a good phone when you get back to the US, UK, Australia, or anywhere your client is staying. To continue chatting with a US number, see how to create a US number for WhatsApp.

Alternatively, always divert their attention by letting them know that you will send them a gift soon, which should buy you some time.


These aren’t just the only formats to avoid video calls, I will be adding more as time progresses. If you know some more, please share and I will update this post.

Keep the hustle going!

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