Yahoo Plus: How to Do Yahoo Plus and make Money

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Yahoo Plus: How to Do Yahoo Plus and make Money

Have you tried to become a yahoo boy the legit way but found out that it is quite difficult that you thought?

You have tried all the formats you thought you have without success, and you are tired already. It now seems that no white man wants to fall for your tricks, and you are frustrated already. Whether you are in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or anywhere in Europe, the yahoo plus style works for everybody if you do it the right way.

Before you start thinking about Yahoo plus, I would advise you to take time and look at the several topics I will post the link below. After learning all of them, you might want to consider not doing yahoo pus again.

There are so many steps while trying to become a yahoo boy, so I hope you followed the steps? I will outline the steps here, so you can read them and perfect them.

Learn of the basics of yahoo yahoo

Know the several formats

Know how to bill your clients

Learn how to collect gift cards from your clients

Start trying out credit card scams

Progress into bank fraud

The process is continued until you make a whole lot of money and start living large. But most people are quite lazy intellectually to go through all these processes, so they look for shortcuts.

One of the shortcuts introduced is the “Advanced Yahoo,” which is now known as “Yahoo plus.” In this post, I will show you how to do yahoo plus and make money from doing it.

What is Yahoo Plus?

yahoo plus rituals

Boys doing Yahoo Plus Rituals

Now, most of you reading this might have been hearing Yahoo plus and wondering what it is, right?

Yahoo plus is simply a way of using diabolical means to make your client fall for you or send money to you. The truth is that most of these white clients have understood all the formats for billing, so it no longer works for them.

With the use of yahoo plus, you can command them, and they will listen to you immediately. But the truth is that it doesn’t work that way as they tell you and make you believe.

Yahoo plus is diabolical, and it is a modern name of blood money. There is no reasonable yahoo guy that will tell you he is into yahoo plus. It is just another name for rituals, and nobody should do it.

But the truth is that Yahoo has frustrated many people, and they no longer care about what they do. They are now looking for any means to make money.

I will still explain how people do yahoo plus, using my friend as an example. He told me how he could do his own to write out the steps here for you. If you decide to do yahoo plus, then it is your own business and a cup of tea.

How to do Yahoo Plus for Beginners?

This part will show you a step by step process to run your yahoo plus and start making money.

Identify a Good Native Doctor

This is the most difficult part of trying to become a yahoo plus guy. There are so many scam native doctors who want to scam you your money when they don’t even have powers.

My friend met with other friends on a Whatsapp group, and that was where they started planning on how to enter into Yahoo plus to start making money. They started looking for a native doctor that would help them with their juju.

Another guy in the group introduced himself and told them that he could help them with the ritual. That was how they met and discussed how they were going to meet with the baba. He said to them that the baba stays in the Benin Republic, so they had to travel outside of the country.

Choose your Type of Yahoo plus

There are several options to choose from when it comes to Yahoo plus. So you have to be careful before choosing.

When my friends got to the native doctor’s place, they were asked to wait outside. After a few minutes, the juju man asked them to drop their shoes outside and step inside. When they entered, they were asked to sit on the floor.


He asked them what they wanted, and they explained that they wanted to make money and convince their clients always to do what they want.

Then he gave them several options to choose from;

  • They would sleep inside a coffin in the forest for 3 days and bathe in the river after the 3 days.


  • They would bring a girl that they would use for rituals, and she must be a virgin. She will be killed and her body parts for the rituals.


  • If they can’t bring a girl, they will bring her underwear and use it for the sacrifice. After that, the girl will either run mad or become useless in life.


These were the three options they were given to do the yahoo plus, but I am sure that other native doctors might tell you another thing. After you have done any of the following rituals, what happens next?

Avoid Certain Things

After they finished with the rituals, I have no idea which one he and his other friends chose. But I knew that after a while, they started swimming in money.

They started buying new cars and living exotic lifestyles. After a while, I realized that many things changed in the way he lived his life.

yahoo rituals

Yahoo money filled with snakes

Some of the things that changed are;

  • He no longer ate food from restaurants
  • There was a room in his house which nobody enters
  • He can no longer give anybody money – except he buys something for you.

These were some of the things I noticed in his lifestyle. I didn’t bother asking him why it was so because I already knew what he did.

Be Prepared for Renewal

Since what you did is just for the first time, you must always renew your agreement. At first, they might ask you to bring a girl for the rituals; the next one might be your sister, mother, father, or anyone close to you.

They don’t normally inform you ahead, and they only do it a few days to when they need a fresh sacrifice. This is why Yahoo plus is very dangerous and not advisable.

If you fail to do anything that is asked of you to do or fail any of the things that they ask you to avoid, you must be prepared for the consequences.

Be Prepared for the Consequences

For every action, there is a consequence. When it comes to Yahoo plus, the consequences are very disastrous.

In any case, you fail to do as they have asked you to do, or make a mistake in the things you have to avoid, and then be ready for the consequences.

Consequences of Yahoo plus

  • Instant death
  • Instant madness
  • Incurable sickness
  • Diseases
  • Slow death.

I have shown you how to do yahoo plus and make money, but I have also shown you the good side and bad side.

If you know that you have the mind to do such a thing, then also be prepared for the consequences. Just in case you are wondering what happened to my friend after a few years, I will tell you.

He became mad in a motor park, and that was the end of him. Are you sure you want to do yahoo plus?

Let me know your answer using the comment section.

How to Apply Yahoo Plus

After the concoction and all, the next step is to apply yahoo plus to yahoo format.

Below are the steps to apply yahoo plus to yahoo:

Set Up Your Tools

You can get a special room for your yahoo hustles. Then you have to call the words of the demon on your computer.

Depending on what your spiritual master said, you may have to sprinkle the concoction to summon the spirits responsible for making a client do as you command.

Typically, it would help if you had red and black candle around. You also need coloured silk material to decorate the room you use for yahoo plus. The colour can be yellow, black, blue, red, or green.

Find a Client

First, decide what format for yahoo to use. You can select from hundreds of yahoo formats, including medical billing, grant format, etc.

The next step is to find clients online. You can check some of the best yahoo dating sites for clients to scam.

People that use yahoo without plus use about seven days to get their client’s attention. However, yahoo plus gives instant client attention, and they will follow orders as you command.

Jazz the Client

I assume you know how to jazz your client following the instructions of your spiritual master.

Typically, you jazz a client by uttering spiritual statements that the client hears but does not understand. Some clients may ask what you just said, reply that you were responding to a neighbour.

Depending on your plus provider, you can jazz a client by sprinkling the concoction on their image during the video call.


If the jazz works on the client, they will do as you command. Do not ask them to send you money immediately. Follow the step by step and request money at the appropriate time.

If you rush to request a bank transfer, they may discover that you’re a yahoo boy if the charm does not work.

Does the Charm ALWAYS Work?

Depending on your yahoo plus provider, the charm may or may not work. If your plus provider is a fake spiritual person, the charm can’t work on your clients. Endeavour to find an idibia that sees the spirit realm.


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