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Howdy, hustler? I have treated hundreds of carding methods so far. Today, I introduce you to the Zelle carding method. Zelle.com is quite an easy way to card and cashout, however, it does not work internationally.

zelle carding method

To card Zelle successfully, you need bank logs, the US bank account (personal account or bank drop), a carding VPN, and the Zell.com account. You need the US bank account because Zelle works only in the US. So, if you do not reside in the US, you would need a bank drop, unless you can create the US bank drop.

Zelle.com is similar to the Cash App carding method, Venmo carding method, and PayPal carding method because they are mobile wallets services.

Note that Zelle.com is one of the best sites to card, but carding Zelle successfully would depend on professionalism. If you are new to carding, I recommend reading my carding tutorial for beginners.

Meanwhile, let’s get started!

Background of Zelle Carding

Zelle is a recent mobile payment platform founded in 2017. It allows US residents to send money to family and friends with a few clicks from their banking app.

The reason why Zelle carding is unique among most other mobile wallet carding is that it can be integrated into the bank app.

Moreover, Zelle is owned by Early Warning Services, a top US-based merchant run by top US banks, including BB&T, Capital One, the Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, and PNC Bank.

Now, you see, Zelle is a better company than PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, etc., which do not have the privileges enjoyed by Zelle.

As a carder, you should note that Zelle is a well-secured payment platform. However, it is not secured against carding because the bank can’t know when bank logs are illegal.

The only difficulty with the Zelle.com carding method is that you need a bank drop, which can be difficult to manage. As you read down, you will find the links I have embedded in the articles on this website that discuss bank drop accounts and management.

Requirements to Card Zelle

In this section, you will learn a lot before you start carding on Zelle. Of course, if you do not know the best tools to use for carding, it will not be successful.

Below are the requirements for carding Zelle.com:

Bank Logs

Do you know what bank logs are? Well, bank logs are similar to CC details, and it means bank logins. However, bank logs refer to the bank details and not CC details. In CC, you will have information such as CVV, CC number, and expiry date. Bank logs contain information, including bank account email address, login password, home location, etc.

Anyways, read my tutorial on cashing out bank logs for a better understanding of bank logs.

Meanwhile, it would help if you had the bank logs to card Zelle. Yes, you have to log into the Zelle.com account with any of the supported banks I mention as you keep reading this Zelle carding tutorial.

Zelle Account

Like bank logs, you need a Zelle account to cashout. You need your OPSEC (VPN, Socks, RDP, etc.) to create a Zelle account for carding.

Note that the Zelle account information must match the bank logs to increase the trust the bank would have for the carding transaction.

Bank Drop

The challenge with cashing out on Zelle is getting a bank drop account that prevents chargeback. Meanwhile, I have written a tutorial discussing the bank drop creation tutorial.

Follow the guide to open your bank drop or use a money mule’s bank drop. Note that a money mule charges at least 10% of the funds you move to their account. For example, if you card $1,000, the money mule charges $100 for bank dropping.

Carding VPN

First, check out my list of the best carding VPNs. The list contains premium VPNs only and not the free versions. You can always get a free VPN from the Play Store or the Apple Store, but I cannot guarantee that carding will be successful due to their weak servers.

zelle carding tutorial


I also noticed that most free VPN servers are blocked by some websites and marked as spam.

Apart from a VPN, you can get other OPSEC services such as the RDP, Socks, etc. It would help if you also had CCleaner or any cookie clearing service.


Note: Run carding activities on INCOGNITO or Private Browsing mode only.

Zelle Carding Method

This section of the Zelle carding tutorial reveals the processes to card on Zelle.com and get away with it.

Below are the steps regarding the Zelle carding method:

  1. Buy Bank Logs

I have listed all the banks that Zelle supports; you will find them as you keep scrolling. I use Wells Fargo bank to transfer my money, and I also recommend using Chase Bank. The reason is that Wells Fargo and Chase Bank do not request verification by SMS for you to move funds.

So, make sure to buy bank logs of either Wells Fargo or Chase Bank. You also need the bank app for any bank logs you purchase. If you have Wells Fargo logs, download Chase QuickPay (Chase Mobile), but if you have Wells Fargo bank logs, you need the Wells Fargo Zelle App. The same applies to any bank log that you have, but the two above are recommended.

To avoid email verification altogether while logging in, make sure to buy bank logs with valid logs. You can also purchase bank logs with cookies to get rid of any form of account verification – SMS or email.

  1. Check Bank Log Balance

When you log in with the bank logs successfully, check the account balance. If it is a positive balance, you are good to go. Next, check whether the account is connected to Zelle.com.

To check whether Zelle account is connected with the Chase Bank app, click Pay & Transfer, and click Chase QuickPayВ® with ZelleВ®. The process should be similar to other bank apps.

  1. Create and Link Zelle Account

If the Zelle account is already registered in the bank log account, you may move the funds instantly without creating a new Zelle.com account. Note that without cookies, a verification code may be sent to the account holder.

However, if the Zelle account is not linked already, go to Zelle Pay and create a new account. Get the verification code via the email or phone number you use to register the account and confirm it.

When your Zelle account is activated, click Send and move the funds within Zelle to another Zelle account.

If you are moving funds to a bank drop at once (recommended), login to the bank account using the ban logs and enter the bank drop account using the email address of the bank drop to move the funds.

Next, select the account type, review your selections, and move the funds.

  1. Cashout Bank Drop

Bank logs cashout Zelle

When the carded funds arrive in the bank drop, cashout instantly. It would be best if you read my article exposing how you can cashout bank drop to prevent a chargeback

Best Bank Log Banks for Zelle

Below are the best banks to get bank logs for carding Zelle:

  • BB&T
  • Capital One
  • The Bank of America
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • S. Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • PNC Bank

Note that I have tested only with Chase Bank and Wells Fargo so far.

Final Thoughts

Most carders claim that Zelle.com carding does not initiate chargebacks and that the funds you move are not reviewed thereafter. It is great news, though, but you must be cautious after moving funds to the bank drop to avoid a chargeback. Honestly, I cannot rule out the possibility of chargeback since it involves carding.

Meanwhile, if you are moving funds to a Zelle account, the drop account must be registered with Zelle necessarily. They can accept the funds via their email address and then create a Zelle account.


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