How to Hustle and Become a Successful Hustler

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So you want to become a hustler and learn how to hustle? How does it feel to know you can make so much money that will be enough to get you all the luxuries that life can afford? I don’t really mean buying super expensive private jets; I mean a good house, car, and some bi**hes to warm you up all day.

Does this sound good to you?

No matter your financial status right now, I will show you how to become a hustler and how to hustle like a professional. Your friends will be so jealous that you read this post, so do well to also share it with them.



Who is a hustler?

If you see someone who is able to blend aspirations, ambitions, and action together, that is a hustler right there. A hustler has these three qualities, all embedded inside of him/her.


how to hustle

A Born Hustler


A hustler is someone who has left his comfort zone, gone to an unfamiliar land with the sole aim to become rich and come back a conqueror.

Hustlers are those who wake up every single morning asking themselves this very question “how can I make money today?” Well, they just don’t ask and sit down expecting the money to drop from the heavens; they step out and find the money.

The hustler knows that nobody owes him anything, so he doesn’t look for sympathy from people. He only knows how to take money from them the right way.

He knows that to become a millionaire, he will have to collect $1 from 1 million people in the world. If the numbers of people are quite high, he will collect $10 from one hundred thousand people (100,000).

A hustler sees opportunities when others are seeing problems. He uses the opportunities he has seen to solve their problems and make money for him/her.

So do you want to know how to become a hustler and how to hustle? This post will now show you in details.



How to become a Hustler

I guess the lifestyle of a hustler is already making you feel all great and wanting to become one. To become a hustler, you must learn how to hustle the right way.

When I was 23, I was out of university and was done with serving my country. I was in a foreign state with no family around. I knew that to survive, I had to hit the streets. My plan wasn’t to become rich; it was to become rich as fast as possible. I am a hustler, and I can say that out so loud. How did I become one?

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I learned to keep wake at Night

This is the most difficult part if you want to become a hustler. A whole lot of things happen at night, so you have to be awake! To make money the next day, you must plan your strategies at night and keep them fresh.


how to hustle quotes

A hustler’s quote


Research has shown that people plan better at night than during the day. I guess it is because your brain is pretty relaxed. If you want to hustle and become a real hustler, you must learn to keep awake at night.

Right at night is when you make your plans and even execute some of them. If you work online, night time is the best time to work – because it makes you relaxed and comfortable.

Become friends with other hustlers

Never work in isolation if you are looking for how to become a hustler. Well, I am not referring to social media friends or gossip friends; I mean real Gees that will also contribute to your hustle.

If you are looking for friends, look out for people that understand your hustle and are into it already. That was why I created a hustler’s group on Whatsapp, where Gees can relate and help each other in the hustle.

Always be on the move

Whether you want to hustle online or offline, you should always be on the move. There should be no dulling moment. Anywhere you find yourself should be your workstation – even in a shopping mall. If you want to become a hustler, then you shouldn’t be the lazy type.

Serve other Hustlers

When you serve other hustlers, they will finally show you how to become a hustler. You must be loyal, supportive, and ready to learn. You must also be humble and never bite the fingers the will feed you. No matter what, never snitch on your fellow hustlers and always cover for them!

All of these will make you a hustler, but it won’t show you how to hustle for yourself. Since I am already a hustler, I will show you how to hustle like a professional.

How to hustle like a Professional

Are you ready to learn how to hustle? It is much simpler than you’ve ever imagined. Let me show you the steps and how I did mine.


how to become a hustler

Hustlers don’t love sleep


Choose a Hustle

This is one mistake that people love to make when trying to become hustlers. If you are thinking of how to hustle, then you must know the type of hustle you are looking to enter.

We have two types of hustles;

Each of them has unique features that make them exciting. Legal hustles are legit but take time to produce money. Illegal hustles are dangerous but can make you a millionaire overnight. Good enough, this blog has room for all the types of hustle – so feel free to focus on the ones you like.

Personally, I love illegal hustles because I need that money faster than ever. But if you prefer legal hustles, then at least you will now know how to hustle and how to become a hustler.

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Find a Group to Learn from

No matter the type of hustle you have chosen, some people are already doing it successfully. You need to find the right group and learn from them. Most of them are paid groups – like my own G-group, so you also need to pay. Nobody will want to teach you something for free, so you must use money and get knowledge.

Promote Yourself

After you’ve learned a hustle, it is time to let people know what you can do. This is recommended for those who have chosen a legit hustle. Make sure that you brag about yourself and what you can do.

The more you talk about yourself, the more people will believe you and patronize you. You don’t need to be shy about your hustle, make sure that everybody knows. That is basically how to hustle or how to become a hustler.

Steal Opportunities

One of the things that make someone become a hustler is when you learn how to steal opportunities that don’t even come to you. You must be street smart if you want to know how to hustle.

Whether you are eating, sleeping, in the gym, listen to what people are saying and be prepared to steal their ideas. Once you get an idea, review it – if it is worth it, implement it immediately. Time and opportunity wait for nobody. If you delay a bit, another hustler will take the idea and implement it ASAP.

Never Give Excuses

The difference between a real hustler and others is Excuses. While others give excuses why they can’t do something, a hustler accomplishes all he sets out to do. Even if he fails, he won’t make unnecessary excuses to cover up for himself.

Never Quit!

This is the most important of them all; no matter what happens, never quit!

You might fail in your first hustle, things may not go as planned, everything might be against you, but never quit!

When you quit, you become a loser – quitters and losers. But if you continue to press hard, then everything will surely fall in place.


how to become a hustler quotes

Hustler’s quotes


Now you have seen how to become a hustler and how to hustle, it is now time to go out there and represent the brand! Keep cool and understand formats like the FBI format and you’ll succeed.

Hustle till you no longer have to beg for money again!

See you guys – much love!

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